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Monthly Daily Bugle...Marvel Launches Fake Newspaper


I think it's funny that the DAILY Bugle is being published MONTHLY.

All joking aside I think this could be a cool idea. I stress the word "could" because based on the pictures on the website they are turning this project into a monthly advertisement. What they need to do is write the paper as if it was being written within the Marvel universe. The point of view needs to be that of a fictional writer living in this fictional world.

Here's hoping they see the error of their ways and inspire a format change.


Marvel Launches Its Own Monthly Daily Bugle

Just like the citizens of the Marvel Universe, you too can pick up your own copy of the Daily Bugle, hitting stores monthly from Marvel. In the tradition of the Civil War Daily Bugle Newspaper and the Pulse House of M Newspaper comes the Daily Bugle, a newspaper with all the latest news and updates on everything happening at Marvel.

Brimming with articles and images on all the comics hitting stands that month, the Daily Bugle brings to you the latest news on your favorite books and creators; plus, feature interviews, updated images, previews, variant covers, and tons more.

Each month, the Daily Bugle will contain an up-to-date checklist on all of Marvel's comics and collections so you can make sure not to miss a single issue or volume.

Pick up the premiere October issue of the Daily Bugle out today for all the highlights of the month, including the cover story Ultimate Power, Civil War news, and more on the Dabel Brothers.