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Physics of Superheroes -- Science Explains Everything

Here are links to four videos by a guy named Dr. James Kakalios. The videos are called the "Physics of Superheroes" and might be the ONLY way I'd ever understand Physics in a classroom setting. Seriously this guy seems like a pretty good teacher.

This first video shows the good Doctor discussing the science of Spider-man's attempt to rescue a falling Gwen Stacey from her immanent death. Was it the fall that killed her or Spider-man's own webs? The answer is below with scientific proof to back it up.

Part 1 - Spider-man Killed Gwen Stacey

Here Dr. Kakalios (great last name by the way...really fun to pronounce....KAKA-LIOS!) explores the character of Electro and how his powers can be used scientifically and accurately. He also makes fun of Electro's lame costume so you gotta give the Doc points for a fashion sense.

Part 2 - Electro Sux

Superman is really strong but this video points out how equally stupid some of the writers have been over the years when presented with this characters impossible abilities.

Part 3- Superman Lifts Buildings

The Atom is a tiny man in a bright blue suit. The good Doctor has more to say about the Atom than I do. Enjoy!

Part 4 - The Atom is Tiny

I hope you enjoyed those videos.

Comic Fodder: Fun and educational.

These are all great videos for any comicbook fan. The professor suspends his disbelief for the powers but points out the inaccuracies in their actions and real world physics. They are very funny!

-- Posted by: PiecesofArzt at October 12, 2006 8:12 AM