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Zombies, Zombies Everywhere and Not a Brain To Eat

If you’re not already a fan of "The Walking Dead" then I suggest you head over to CBR and read their interview with series creator, Robert Kirkman. He gives insight into the history of the series and glimpse at upcoming storylines that are sure to wet your appetite for the brain munching madness of his monthly zombie comic.

Kirkman’s take on the familiar genre is brilliant in its simplicity: what happens to the survivors of a zombie movie after the movie end? “The Walking Dead” answers this question every month in the ongoing story of a group of survivors as they try to live and stay alive in a world full of the undead. Kirkman’s suspense-filled storylines are populated with an ever-rotating cast of characters from all walks-of-life, each with their own agenda, all of them just hoping to survive another night. Kirkman’s boldly realized characters are as dangerous to each other as the zombies that roam the world around them.

To learn more please follow the link to CBR.

And if that isn’t enough Kirkman-penned zombies, I suggest you head over the the local comic shop and check out “Marvel Zombies” the hardcover trade that is selling-out around the country.

The official Marvel Comics website has more details on this book plus the recent rush to purchase it. CHECK IT OUT HERE!