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Friday the 13th....Today I'm Talking About Vicious Circle Project

I'm going waaay off format tonight. I've got four minutes before it's midnight and I haven't posted a column for today yet. To be honest, I'm been busy as hell. I'm writing two feature film scripts and a TV pilot all for possible production very very soon. Aside from that I'm trying to put together some new VCP releases and I also have a family (my woman and our 3 year old). Needless to say I've been busy as hell and have not had tons of time. So let me tell you about some of the things I've been busy with....


Detectives in Space: Still waiting for an artist to draw the four remaining issues of the first mini-series. This is some of my best work and I'm dying for the story to be told...any one know an artist?


Lawn Enforcemen
t 2: I'm writing a sequel to the comic currently running for FREE here on the Fodder. It will be biggger, better and blacker than the first...maybe not blacker but I'll see what I can do.

Forsaken Earth: Still trying to finish the script for the second arc. I've been out of contact with the artist and my co-writer...need to get on top of that.

The VCP Anthology 2: Just waiting for cover art so we can send it to the printer.

So.....if you want to know more about all the the above please visit: VCP MESSAGE BOARD or our ONLINE STORE.

In addition to this my sometimes writing patrner and I have created a 100+ page graphic novel, to be printed in black, white and red. The book is a controversial, absurdest, over-the-top look at a world where abortion is illegal. It is called, "Wolfie: The Werewolf Abortion Doctor". I promise it is both disturbing and relevant. If ANYONE would like to embark on what could be the darkest part of your career and draw this fucker please email me at title: WOLFIE. Of course, serious applicants may read the script before we move forward. Thank you.

Gotta run.

Bring on more LEA!

And good luck with the rest of these.

-- Posted by: Charles at November 11, 2006 12:25 PM