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Preview Marvel’s “Foolkiller” TODAY!

200609foolkill.jpg Best-selling author Gregg Hurwitz, the writer behind the Kill Clause and Last Shot, will be revamping Foolkiller for the Marvel MAX line. Hurwitz is bringing his gritty, street crime writing sensibilities to the hard-edged anti-hero Foolkiller for a five issue mini-series this winter. A sneak preview of the series can be seen this Wednesday when the MAX Sampler hits stands. “The transition from novels and screenplays has been a lot of fun,” said Hurwitz. “It’s amazing to work with artists and see the creative process. Unlike TV or novels, comics have less production time so you get that sense of almost immediate gratification.” When asked how he decided to try his hand at comics, Hurwitz said, “I was doing a book signing in Florida with Brad Meltzer and I mentioned to him that I had always loved the Punisher. He put me in touch with Marvel Executive Editor Axel Alonso and things clicked, which led to Foolkiller.”

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