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Comics: Random News and Notes and a Video.

-- Comic Book Resources has a great interview with "Ultimate X-Men scribe, Robert Kirkman where you can learn all about his plans for Ultimate Cable and the rest of his run on the book. If you haven't been reading "Ultimate X-men" I suggest you read this interview to get you hyped and then go out and buy his book! LINK

-- Minnesota Public Radio did a radio interview with comic scribe, Neil Gaiman. It is available on their website for you to download and listen to. I highly recommend anything that involves Gaimman. He's a great public speaker...I once saw him in a library in a small town not to far from where I live. He did a live reading and answered questions for about two hours. Not to be missed! LINK

-- What follows is a video of" Back To The Future" and "Freaks and Geeks" star Thomas F. Wilson singing a song about all the annoying questions he gets asked when he goes out in public. It's funny as hell. Watch and enjoy.

BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: On Tuesday Comic Fodder will present our first CREATOR INTERVIEW with special guest....JIMMY PALMIOTTI! Check back for this exclusive interview with one of comics all time greatest creators. Have a great weekend.