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"Wonder Woman," "Ghost Rider," "Hulk 2" and More


Here is something that I love....Joss Whedon. Whedon, always the kidder, posted the following message on his website in response to internet chatter about the casting of the star-spangled Themiscryan:

Holy Mother of Oats! I turn my back for five minutes (that's how long it takes to admire my lovely back) and the interweb goes banoonoos! Isn't there any ACTUAL news to get wrong? Sorry about all this; it might be best if I just stay off the computer for a while. Or just glut the feed with wild conjecture. Hmm, let's see... I'm me, so... let's glut! Here are some ABSOLUTELY TRUE statements of factiness. Gentlemen, start your websites.

1) Wonder Woman has finally been cast. To no one's surprise, we eschewed all those tired movie and TV personalities and cast the interweb star "Lonelygirl", or whatever her actual name is. Congratulations, whomever!

2) I've got a thirteen episode commitment from the CW, so get ready for the long-awaited "Primative and Cheese Man". She's the first Slayer, he's a meaningless hallucination -- can they put aside their differences long enough to fight crime?

3) "CLEM!" Broadway. The number where he eats Rum Tum Tuggle will make you laugh and cry and throw up in your mouth slightly.

4) I will absolutely, positively never ever do any kind of Serenity sequel or spinoff unless a studio asks me. Politely. Or meanly, that's cool too.

5) Warren Ellis's beard has a foyer. It's quite nice: shaker furniture, and a cute ceramic umbrella stand.

6) Kelly MacDonald and Gong Li have got to stop fighting over me 'cause who are they embarrassing? Themselves, that's all.

7) I'm tired of me.

Right. Cue chaos. And yes, number seven is more or less true. But my little britjaunt is through (Alexis rocked "All My Sons") and I'm grindstone bound, so I won't be feeding any more rumorsites for a while. There's only one way to stop all this insanity, and that's to produce some actual work for people to write about. So I'll do that.

Here's a thing: when "Firefly" was cancelled, my heart got broke. Sounds a bit much, but it changed me. Not even "Serenity" could patch that wound. I'm wearier, warier -- after all those years as a movie writer, you'd think I'd be prepared for another lesson on my unimportance in the scheme of things, but I wasn't. There are two very separate worlds: the marketplace, and the bustling bazaar that is my brain. The brain place is crowded with goods, ideas, sequels, spinoffs, animated versions, miniseries, radio dramas -- this is just the used goods. All the new wares are in there as well and it's deafening. Once I create a verse I never let go of it. And figuring out how much of my energy should be devoted to reawakening the projects you all love with the actors and characters I all love, and how much should be forging ahead and creating entirely new works (which you are contractually obligated to love) is exhausting. More than you know. You know the horse caught between two pools of water? Add seven pools, and make the horse wicked A.D.D. The other world, the marketplace, I don't even begin to understand or predict. All these rumor of projects or the death of projects... When the two worlds align and something actually happens, whatever it is, you guys know I'll be on this site as soon as I'm allowed to be. And I'll be very very clear. There is no news. Not never, just now. I'm off to lunch with Lonelygirl.

Your Scribe, -j.

Wow. He's awesome....I think I have a little man-crush....don't tell Alison (my other half....who am I kiddin'...betterhalf). I like the way Whedon kind of breaks down for a bit towards the end of that post. Kind of lets you in on his struggle to create new stuff that the money-men want or to dip back into the well and play with all his previous creations (Buffy, Angel, etc.)

Oh...and if you don't know who "Lonelygirl" is I suggest you read up on pop-culture lest ye be molested by the cold hand of old age. You made dodge the icy fingers of cultural irrelevance HERE, HERE and HERE.

You're welcome. .


I saw the first one (not the FIRST first one with Dolph Lundgren) starring John Travolta and Thomas Jane and I thought it was a big pile of dog crap. In fact, it was after seeing the Jane/Travolta version that I realized just how much I liked the Lundgren/Gosset Jr. version. It turns out, as much shit as the original took, the only think the 1989 film was missing was a big skull on the Punisher's chest. Anyway...Actor Thomas Jane told MTV that the sequel to HIS version would have more of what Punisher fans love.

"The script comes in a couple of weeks, and it's going to be darker, bloodier and more unfriendly than the first one," Jane said.

Wow. It only took them three years to complete a shooting script. That's a good sign that the story came naturally from the writers and won't be a forced, over-produced, under-acted, and technically inept piece of total garbage. Hooray for the Punisher 2!'s gonna blow, isn't it?


Superhero-themed movie and TV news website, tells us that the sequel to Ang Lee's visually stunning but ultimately boring introduction to the Incredible Hulk will have a $120 million dollar budget. and that it won't be a sequel (whatever the hell that's supposed to mean).

We've also heard it said by the films producer, Avi Arid that "Hulk 2" will have, 'less angst and a lot more Hulk smashing,' and that Bruce Banner will become more comfortable with the giant green monster wearing purple pants that lives within..


Holy shit do I not care about this movie at all....there is a vast canyon of 'not care' inside me for Nicholas Cage in Mark Steven Johnson's "GHOST RIDER". That said, I understand that I have a responsibility as a Fodder Blogger to give you all the news that I can even when it's on a topic I could care less about. has pictures of the two NEW movie posters for "Ghost RIder" view them: