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A Step In The Right Direction: FF2's Fantasticar

Just when things were looking grim for the sequel to the box-office flop, "The Fantastic Four," the producers released the following picture of Mr. Fantastic's Fantasticar. USA Today provides the picture plus some interesting information about the new design.


Tim Flattery, the man who designed the Batmobile for 1995's "Batman Forever," has spent the past 10 months working on various designs for the car before finally hitting his mark with this current, finalized version.

From USA Today: "There aren't many vehicles that play a big part in the (comic) books," [FF producer Avi] Arad says. "So you have to get it right. We wanted it to look futuristic, but plausible. For fans, the car can be as important as the characters."

For more information follow the link to the USA Today article.