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News for the New Year....

Hey. Remember me? Boy it sure has been a crazy end of the year. Not to mention a period of absolutely ZERO comic book related news worth reporting. Needless to say this place as been collecting cobwebs and tons of spam in the comments section (shame on you, spammers).


All of that is about to change. As the year comes to a close, the comic book world moves into pre-comic convention preparations. From January to the end of august we'll be bustling with news from comics, conventions, comic's related movies and so much more. We're going to be doing some editorial renovations around here. The biggest being the addition of a SECOND WRITER to the site. Now when I say "we" I'll actually be referring to another person. There will be a more detailed announcement about that soon.

As for the editorial changes, don't worry, we're not going all country or anything. Still comics, still nerdy debates and, yes, Lawn Enforcement will conclude.'s to a few days of sweet relaxation. I'll see everyone on New Years Day with a new Lawn Enforcement page (maybe two).

Have a healthy, safe and happy one.