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Road to DC's Next Event

It's been 38 weeks since the end of Infinite Crisis and the beginning of One Year Later. We've also entered a new year, which means we're that much closer to the next giant summer cross-over event.

As has become the new modus operandi in this era of the interweb, DC is sharing a few clues, but not enough to give away the game. That won't stop the comment area trolls from speculating, or, better yet, decrying the whole thing before its hit the stands.

Last week DC announced that the conclusion of their hit series 52 will feature four spin-off one shots, as World War III comes to the DCU. There have been faint rumblings of international movement in the DCU with the Black Marvel Family's actions in and outside of Kandaq, but it seems the 52 creative team lost interest in their initial stab at international politicking including the much-hyped but seldom seen Chinese super team, The Great Ten.

However, Dan Didio decided that his DC Nation readers would want to be given a "big reveal", and (here be spoilers) announced that "The secret of fifty two is that the multiverse still exists". Unfortunately, events in last week's 52, Justice League of America #0, Justice Society of America #1 and even Ion had already let that particular cat out of the bag.

Could the World War DC has announced be a war between worlds of the multiverse? This reader isn't usually one to put speculation into print, but...

(end spoilers)

Today DC released a promotional image of some sort with the subject line "Let the battle cry be heard in the land, a shout of great destruction..." Go to for the image (but make sure you come back).

Geez... that sounds pretty ominous. It sort of gives me the same sinking feeling I used to get before taking the SAT.

Now, if you take a look at the picture, it appears to be a mix of DC regulars, the not-often-seen Scott Free Mister Miracle (not Shiloh Norman who appeared in "Seven Soldiers") and my favorite gladiatrix, Big Barda. Scattered before the heroes are four characters who didn't make it between the start of the Countdown to Infinite Crisis and the conclusion of 52, including Blue Beetle and The Question. Red Robin from Waid and Ross's Kingdom Come and a possible Elseworld's Batman (I can't keep track of every Elseworld's issue. Sorry.).

So what IS going on?

Time will tell. We know that whatever happens, it's going to make Superman a little bit weepy, make Mary Marvel stare into space, keep The Flash on his toes, and convince Donna Troy to put on her old red spandex.

And what do I have to say upon seeing this picture..?


(there is no way I am the first person who had this thought)

Speaking of Seven Soldiers, when is the last issue of the Seven Soldiers TPB going to be released?

-- Posted by: DigitalBoy at January 26, 2007 7:24 PM

DigitalBoy, you should be able to find the volume in question at your local comic shop on Wednesday, January 31st.

DC is featuring Seven Soldiers on their front page as of today, and probably all week. You might want to check it out.

-- Posted by: ryan at January 26, 2007 7:32 PM