Comic Fodder

Comic Fodder Wants Artists

Comic Fodder Wants Artists

After "Lawn Enforcement" finishes its run, the boys at Comic Fodder want to run an all new Webcomic. Unlike "Lawn Enforcement," which was previously released in print form, the new Webcomic will be created exclusively for web publication. They have a writer, a script and a place to host the story -- all that's missing is the art and that's where YOU can help!

You can illustrate an original Webcomic that will be proudly hosted on Filmfodder!

The book is called "Ali Galaxy." It's "Futurama" meets "Barbarella" -- an action-adventure comedy ... in SPACE!

Comic Fodder is also looking for colorists.

Keep in mind there is no upfront pay offered. Mostly you've got to do this for the love.

Send an email with some words about your interest in the project, your experience and a few links to samples.

Please email with the subject ART (or COLORS, if you're interested in coloring).