Comic Fodder

Comics Read -- Week of 02/14 - 02/21

Here's a list of the comics I read, what I thought and if I'll be reading them some more.


Batman #663 -- Written by Grant Morrison/ Art by John Van Fleet: Morrison started his run with the Joker getting shot in the face. Several months later we see the result of this encounter in a story told in PROSE form with digitally rendered illustrations appearing sporadically along the way. The climax being a full page reveal of the NEW Joker, with a newly designed face that I doubt will be permanent but is certainly horrifying. This was one of the best comics I've read in my life. I HIGHLY recommend you buy it and read it. Then come back here and let me know what you thought about the Joker's new face.

The Authority Vol 4 #1 -- Written by Grant Morrison/ Art by Gene Ha: As great a job as Morrison did with Joker's new look I think he completely dropped the ball when it comes to the debut of the new Authority. The cover shows the Midnighter and the Engineer clearly involved in SOME kind of action, with the promise the "World Storm starts now!" This all very exciting, yet inside the cover we're treated to a 22 page bore-fest. There is NO appearance of the Authority, no actions and nothing of any real interest until the final page. What we get instead is story about a guy named Ken. I have complete faith that this will play a major part in whatever the grand-plan for this series is....unfortunately I'll be waiting for the trade if issue two is as uneventful as this.


Ultimate X-Men #79 -- Written by Robert Kirkman/ Art by Yanick Paquette: The is the first part of the "Aftermath" storyline, exploring the ...aftermath of the recent death of Professor X. This is my firast issue back on this book since Kirkman took over and I have to say, other than Prof X dying it doesn't seem like to much has gone on in my absence. I think I'll stick with the trades on this series. They read better in chunks.

Thunderbolts #111 -- Written by Warren Ellis/ Art by Mike Deodato, Jr.: Ellis' second issue is heavy on the action as we get to see the new team on their first mission the capture of Captain America protege, Jack Flag. Everyone gets thier chance to shine but it's Penance, formally the hero known as Speedball, who takes down the renegade hero. This is a very good comic and I'll be reading it as long as Ellis is writing.