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DC Solicitations: May 2007

Thanks to the miracles of the direct market (ie: comic shops have to know what to order well in advance), DC is in the habit of releasing a list of what's coming in about four months. Once a month we'll take a look at the highlights and low-lights in DC's solicitations.

I refer you to Comic Book Resources for the complete list of solicitations.

So what've we got?

Detective Comics #832: Fill-in issue! Or just a guy you've never heard of taking over to mark the end of Dini's run on Detective?

Batman #666: Not a hoax! Not a dream! But most likely, that's exactly what it is. Grant Morrison envisions a DCU set 15 years from current continuity. And, being a Batman title, the future is dystopian. In anyone else's hands, I'd be concerned.

Robin #162: I find it curious how many writers throw meta-human threats in Robin's path. Batman's villains have always ridden the fence as to playing in the true "super" villain arena. It always just feels very convenient that the villains' powers are never that grave of a threat. There's a tendency to write down to Robin's perceived level instead of skill rather than writing Robin up to the challenge as he's usually perceived in teh context of Teen Titans.

Gotham Central Vol. 5: Dead Robin TP: Pick this one up.

Batman: Ego and Other Tails HC: Is that a type-o? Should that be "Tales"? Is there a Catwoman pun I'm missing? Probably. Nonetheless, the art is by Darwyn Cooke, an artist who gets all kinds of critical acclaim, but who seems to get overlooked in the average comic shop. HC? $25? Maybe in paperback.

Catwoman: When in Rome TP: The not-best-selling mini-series by Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale. I've been waiting for this to finally be collected as a TPB for a long while, by-passing the individual issues and HC collection. A natural addition to the library off any fans of Long Halloween or Dark Victory.

Action Comics #849 and #850: Do any of us believe the solicitations for Action Comics any more? When this title hits, it's been nothing but good stuff. Now we get two issues in one month, with two separate fill-in writers? Allan Goldman's art on this week's OMAC was passable, but will be an abrupt departure from the kind of work seen lately in the Super-books. Kurt Busiek is always a welcome addition. Especially with new Gods in tow.

But, seriously... what is Johns up to?

Supergirl #17: New writer to the DCU Mark Sable joins Joe Kelly on Supergirl. In a story lifted from last season's Smallville. Perhaps worth picking up as Mark Sable has been making the rounds on the internet, pleading for fans to give him a chance on Supergirl. Perhaps.

Superman/Batman #35: Mark Verheiden and Marc Guggenheim and the Metal Men sounds like fun. Art by Pat Lee sounds like less fun. Whatever gravitas this book once carried is beginning to disintegrate. Can Jeph Loeb really be the only writer who can pull this book off as the big-gun book it deserves to be?

For an entertaining look at the Metal Men, see DC's Justice and 52.

Amazons Attack #2: Am I alone in my enthusiasm for this mini-series? Probably. But somehow the notion of the Super-Soldiers of Paradise Island finally putting their money where their mouth is and freaking out the squares sounds like one interesting idea. Plus, art by Pete Woods doesn't hurt, either.

Aquaman: Sword of Atlantis #52: Ah. A return to form for Aquaman, even if it's still the All-New Aquaman. The idea of the whole ocean floor being populated with what was turning into dozens of intelligent species was becoming increasingly less compelling to me as a reader, and greatly complicated the already complicated DCU.

Birds of Prey #106: Secret Six? Birds of Prey? Gail Simone? Nicola Scott? Fine, twist my arm. This is sure to be a good way to spend any extra cash you have on hand befoe leaving the comic shop.

Blue Beetle #15: Jaime tries to go to STAR Labs? With disastrous results? Did we not just see this in both The Flash and Firestorm in the past two or three years? Apparently STAR is the place to go when you're a young superhero on the learning curve.

Doctor Fate #2: I can't say that the solicitation actually makes sense or tells me much, but with Dr. Fate, I sort of think that's a good thing.

Green Lantern Corps #12: Please. Stop. Using. Mogo. I love Mogo as an idea, but Mogo works best in small bits. Infinite Crisis gave Mogo some unexpected exposure, but it seems like Mogo might be spending a bit too much time playing Deus Ex Machina lately.

Green Arrow #74: Wha..? Are they outing Green Arrow? Well, I don't know how long you can have your mayor sporting an unfashionable goatee and expect for the citizens not to notice their resident superhero doesn't wear the same facial fuzz.

JSA Presents: Stars and STRIPE Vol. 1: I was a surly reader of Preacher when this series saw the light of day. Consequently I missed Geoff Johns' early DC work. Stars has been an integral part of the DCU and JSA for years, and it's no mistake that the creators of the JLU cartoon added her and Pat to the JLU. Also notable, Stars and STRIPE, in conjunction with Starman were titles that finally allowed DC to look to their past in order to look to their future. More discussion on that another day.

Hawkgirl #64: Can't sell a Hawkgirl comic? Why not add a guest-star? Superman is there for you, Kendra.

Mystery in Space #8: If you haven't been onboard this genuine mystery (in space) by this point, maybe you should just wait for the TPB. I'd love to see more adventures of Captain Comet and The Weird. And Adam Strange. And anyone DC wants to throw at me.

DC: The New Frontier Vol. 1 TP: Neat! More Darwyn Cooke. Again, DC Looks to its past to look to their future. Pick this up in preparation for the somewhere-in-the-future New Frontier animated movie.

Showcase Presents: The Atom Vol. 1 TP:
I sort of wish this would be printed like a Big Little Book.

The Spirit #6: Add "The Spirit" to your pull list. Seriously. Today.

Supergirl and the Legion of Superheroes #30: This sounds suspiciously like the solicitation for a final issue.

Teen Titans #47: Are projected sales really so bad that they've got to start bumping Titans off? Is this a sign DC is going back to the usual bag of tricks to get readers pulled in? Everyone prepare for Crisis of Infinite Worlds, coming in 2026.

All in all, not a bad month. There's no real clue here regarding any big summer event, nor the next weekly series from DC.

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in a lower tone, but still loud enough for me to hear, I noticed mature lesbians dildoing in the office into temptation the spirit, I trust, is willing, but the flesh, I kuyftjupzqk

-- Posted by: Jessie at April 22, 2008 4:32 AM