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Paul Dini's Detective Comics

200702_Detective_826.jpgSince Paul Dini took over, Detective Comics has been the place for kick-ass, done-in-one, Batman stories. It's like a darker, comic book version of Batman: The Animated Series (Dini's ultimate and most successful foray into the Batworld) complete with character redesigns and stunning new developments in the personalities of some of Batman's long-standing rouges.

I recently sat down with issues 824-828, each issue is better than the last and while they're all stand-alone stories there are some common threads Dini is subtly pulling together. The most interesting of these tiny plot threads is the Riddler's arc. Since Dini's first issue we've seen a new Edward Nigma (a.k.a The Riddler). He's turned over a new leaf and given up his life of crime to become that which he once hated most, a detective. Since opening his pri9vate detective agency Riddler has been instrumental in closing several high-profile cases throughout Gotham City. He's established himself as legit and seems to truly be on a righteous path, yet there is an air of darkness still lingering about whenever Riddler arrives on the scene. Dini has plans for Riddler, including twists in the story of his new found redemption, which could be a turn back to the dark side or perhaps a long standing partnership with the Dark Knight....

Aside from the Riddler, Mr. Dini also plans for a Harley Quinn story that he says will reveal something about who she is that has never been revealed before. He's also examined the Penguin, who is currently living on the right side of the law as a legit business man and the new Scarface and Ventriloquist who seem to have gotten meaner and MORE dangerous since their last appearance. Issue #826 has been my favorite of the Dini-written issues, it focuses on Robin as he's first rescued and then taken hostage by the Joker, out for a night on hit-and runs. It's a dark character piece that further cements the Joker as the most unpredictable, and psychotic villain in comic books.

I highly recommend you follow this history-making run on Detective and his you haven't already call your local comic shop and ask them to pull the back issues so you don't miss a single panel of some of the best Batman stories ever told.