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Webcomic: "Lawn Enforcement" - Pages 18-20

Here are pages 18-20 of "Lawn Enforcement." If you're just joining us please follow the link below to the front cover, and pages 1-17.

All caught up? Good. Enjoy "Lawn Enforcement" ... pages 18, 19 and 20.

Lawn Enforcement Page 18

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Lawn Enforcement Page 19

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Lawn Enforcement Page 20

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"Lawn Enforcement" is written by Shawn DePasquale with art by Holland King.

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A NOTE: This web comic was originally conceived and published as a one-shot, 48, comic book. It was not originally intended to be published in a weekly format and therefore some weeks won't be as exciting as others. We ask that you bear with a us as we continue to use "Lawn Enforcement" as a testing ground for web comics on Comic Fodder. Currently, an Internet exclusive web comic called "Ali Galaxy" is under development and seeking artists willing to work on this 12 page series. So ... if you are an artist and would like to see your work, not only published HERE weekly, but eventually collected and printed please send an email to: