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Re-Imagining Supergirl: Project: Rooftop and

Found at The Beat, a press release from Project: Rooftop.

Starting today, Project: Rooftop is teaming up with Super. Girl., a project, to bring you a week-long Supergirl appreciation event! Here at P:R, we’re going to be reviewing our top picks from last month’s Draw Supergirl meme throughout the week, and on Friday, S.G. will be posting a comprehensive article on Supergirl’s costume history.

Our reviewers for this event include Project: Rooftop regulars Chris Arrant, Dean Trippe, Joel Priddy, and Vito Delsante, and special guest reviewer, Jessica Plummer from Super. Girl. Alright, let’s get this going!

As readers of Comic Fodder might know, this reader is keen to see some changes to the presentation of Supergirl (and many other female DCU characters). Perhaps this contest can add to the voices and pencils interested in seeing a different take on Kara Zor-El.

Chris Haley (w/ April Steel & Diana Nock), Memphis, TN