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Free Comic Book Day is May 5th

Simple in concept, Free Comic Book Day is exactly what it sounds like. It's a day when you can get yourself some free comic books.

This Saturday, visitors to participating comic shops will be able to pick up free comics printed exclusively for this annual event. You can expect free comics featuring far more than just Batman and Spider-Man as several smaller publishers utilize the event to get people to take a chance on their material. Plus thousands of not-so-free comics.

Here's the official Free Comic Book Day Site, including a list of comics that will be made available at no charge. Plus, a handy Comic Shop Locator.

Shops around the country often build on the basis of the event and have special features scheduled for the day's festivities.

While I very much encourage you to check out FCBD, I also recommend that you call any comic shop you are considering visiting before making a special trip. If they sound disinterested in FCBD, keep calling shops until you find one that IS interested (and is interested in your business).

If you're a longtime comic reader, it's a good opportunity to pop in and support your shop on some day other than a Wednesday. If you once read comics and gave them up, this is a great opportunity to pop back in and see what's going on in the comics you read once upon a time. And, hey... if you've never picked up a comic book in your life, why not take advantage of the event to see the inside of an honest-to-God comic shop and see that comics are just as much fun on the page as they are in the movies. Plus, you might just be surprised by all the myriad forms the comic book can take.