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Comic Fodder Looking For Writers

Do you read an unhealthy number of comics?

The Fodder Network is looking for writers to help us build Comic Fodder into a must-read site for every comic geek with an internet connection. Are you a reader of comics who can put a critical eye to the comics they love, and who isn’t afraid to get a little scrappy discussing their opinions down in the comments section?

We’re trying something a bit different at Comic Fodder. Rather than the usual free-for-all of many comic review sites, we’re looking for writers who want to be assigned to a specific area of interest. Do you want to write about:

• All of Marvel or some portion of Marvel's publications (the X-Books, Spidey, etc...?)
• Some portion of DC Comics' output (Batman, Vertigo, Wildstorm, etc...?)
• Dark Horse - currently taken
• Image
• Manga
• Fantagraphics and/or Indie comics
• Online comics - currently taken

If you have an idea that doesn't really fit into a specific category or under a specific publisher, send that along. We're always curious to hear new and unique ideas.

We’re looking for contributors who can speak critically and with some authority on the topic of their choice. The internet is already littered with reviews written about comics in which the reviewer has no particular investment. Rather than trying to pass judgment on characters, series and writers after an issue or two, Comic Fodder is looking to offer a bit more of a holistic look at the comics you love.

And we’re really, really trying to avoid the partisanship of Marvel Vs. DC, American vs. Manga, Indie vs. Mainstream, etc...

In order to keep out the riff-raff, Comic Fodder is asking folks who want to come on board to submit a few items.

1) Your name
2) E-mail
3) The subject matter you’d like to cover (Marvel, Manga, Image, etc…)
4) A fairly comprehensive list of books you’re currently reading in your area of subject matter interest
5) A list of books you’re currently reading outside of your area of interest
6) Name your favorite comic book story/ graphic novel/ trade paperback. **
7) How long have you been reading comics (give us a number. “As long as I can remember” isn’t really an answer)?
8) A statement of how you plan to cover your arena of expertise. Yes, yes, we expect reviews. But what else are you bringing to the table? Any idea what sorts of columns you can provide in your subject area?
9) A writing sample or two. Links to existing blog entries are acceptable, as long as they reflect what readers can expect to see when you begin writing for the Fodder Network.
10) Any credentials you think we might want to know about (are you the Editor of the New York Times? See, that kind of stuff is relevant.).
11) If you have an idea for a column that’s not been mentioned, bring it on. We’re not afraid of new ideas.

Your commitment:

-1 review column per week
-1 opinion column per month
-plus any additional posts you feel might be of interest as comics news

It is true that there’s no payment for your services. The ad revenue generated by the site goes to paying for site maintenance and paying off the Fodder Network’s bookie, Smooth Clyde.

This might be the start of something grand. Now is your chance to get in on the ground floor of a grand new comic site, and maybe become a bullying force on the internet. Plus, all folks who become writers get the privilege of being a part of The Fodder Network and a seat on the Fodder Space Shuttle***.

Please send all materials to:

- Include as much of the content as possible from the above list.
- We will contact you within two or three weeks of your submission to let you know what's going on or if we have any questions.
- Submissions will remain open for all areas which are not filled.
- Sadly, we will not be taking writers first-come/ first-serve.
- We’re fairly serious about the writing samples and whatnot, and we’d like it if you could commit to regular posting over a lengthy duration (as in, don’t disappear on us after three weeks).

Thanks for your participation. We look forward to hearing from you!

*Sorry, kids, we've got a DC contributor at the moment (namely me). But if you want to take a portion of that off of my plate, we can talk.
**try not to list just Dark Knight Returns or Watchmen. Also, don’t dream up some BS book that sounds impressive but nobody’s ever read. Be honest. There will be a quiz.
***there is no Fodder Space Shuttle. Yet.