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Dark Horse Wednesday 5/9: Dark Times Are Here Again

Star Wars Dark Times #3

It's been a long time since Star Wars Dark Times #2 appeared on comic shop shelves, and the first issue came out way back in November. Those delays mean you may need a little refresher on the story so far before you crack open the long awaited issue #3 on Wednesday. Just how dark are the times?

The story starts out in the heart of darkness--the newly consecrated Emperor Palpatine's office, where Darth Vader stands threateningly as Palpatine conducts imperial business like the major league jerk that he is. Vader makes it clear he wants to go crack some skulls, and the Emperor teases Vader and the reader by promising some future task. The story then shifts to a distant world where the last embers of the Clone Wars are smoldering. Order 66 has come and gone, and Jedi Dass Jennir has sought refuge from the clone troopers with the alien Separatist sympathizers he was fighting before the clone troopers turned on him. Jennir befriends Bomo, one of these rebels, and the two manage to escape a final stand against the clone troopers designed to give the women and children enough time to flee the planet.

They make their way back to the base--now occupied by the Empire-- to find out that the last-ditch stand failed. Jennir and Bomo learn from a band of smugglers that the women and children were captured by the Empire before they could escape and are to be sold into slavery. The Empire has imposed a blockade and prevented anyone from leaving the planet. Again, we are taken into the corridors of Imperial power as Vader finds out from a clone commander the intended fate of the women and children--slavery. This does not sit well with Lord Vader, who still has memories of his difficult slave upbringing somewhere in his subconscious.

Back at the base, Jennir manages to concoct a way to get off the planet despite the Imperial blockade--a clever plan where all of the grounded ships take off at once so that the Empire cannot stop them all. They learn from the smugglers that the destination for the future slaves is the most notorious slave world in the entire galaxy. Here's where the story ends--with a reckoning to come between Vader and his new master over the slave issue, and Jennir and Bomo desperately trying to rescue the captured aliens and Bomo's family from lives of gulag servitude.

Star Wars Legacy #11

More twists along the path of Cade Skywalker.

The Secret #4

Dark Horse founder Mike Richardson's creepy whodunit thriller continues.

Buffy #1 3rd printing variant cover
Buffy #2 2nd printing variant cover

New printings and variants for Buffy for those who missed out the first time these issues were published. With strong sales, that is likely what happened to many would-be readers.