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Dark Horse's Shipping for Wed. June 20

Aliens Omnibus Vol. 1

The omnibus train rolls on as Dark Horse collects the first three Aliens miniseries published by the company. The first miniseries, "Outbreak," originally hit comic shop shelves way back in 1988. For some perspective, that was only two years after James Cameron's sequel hit theatres. That seems like a million years ago doesn't it? It was previously collected as Aliens: Book One.

The other series collected in this volume are "Nightmare Asylum" and "Female War." The latter features Ripley for all you Sigourney Weaver fans. By Mark Verheiden and Steve Perry. 384 color pages for a cover price of $24.95. Digest format.

Star Wars 30th Anniversary Collection Volume 5: Light & Dark

If you are looking for some Clone Wars action to sate yourself until the new animated series arrives, you can do no better than this volume. See Part I of the 30th Anniversary Collection for more.

Conan #41

This is the first part of writer Tim Truman's update of a classic Conan story, "Rogues in the House," originally published in 1934.

Grendel Archive Edition HC

This hardcover collects Matt Wagner's original Grendel stories detailing the origin of the assassin, originally published by Comico in 1983. As you can imagine, those issues are pretty rare now so this is a welcome reprint.

Rex Mundi #6

Arvid Nelson's alternate history series. Art by Jim Dibartolo.

Maxwell Strangewell tpb

Matt and Shawn Fillbach, who are the creators on the Star Wars Clone Wars Adventures series, have created an original graphic novel of science fiction that is kind of hard to describe. From the PR: "Photographer Anna Gilmour discovers a ten-foot-tall being immediately after his fall to Earth. He can't speak, but communicates through telepathic empathy, and Anna introduces him to her father as "Max." Their home is soon beset by a sea of beatific Tibetan monks, alien assassins in disguise, and heavy weapon fire! Max might not know who he is, but a lot of others sure as heck seem to. A galactic free-for-all is about to go down and Earth is ground zero."

Black and white, 384 pages, $19.99, digest format.

Also two manga collections will be available Wednesday: Banya: The Explosive Delivery Man Volume 4 and Oh My Goddess Vol 5: Authentic Edition. Even if you don't like manga, you have to give it to them for coming up with good titles.