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The Retriever - Small Press Idol Round 3

Dimestore Productions' Small Press Idol hurtles towards Round 4 this week, with 30 projects on the line and only 6 projects for the cut-off. I'm not writing this one as a reviewer/journalist. I'm writing this one as a creator who's in the contest, so I'm going to take my objectivity out of the picture.

I'll be blunt. I need votes! Round 3 consists of an entry of 3 finished pages from every contestant. You can see a sample of my entry, The Retriever below. It's a heated battle at this point with several excellent projects in the mix and a flurry of voting activity going on daily. If you like what you see, please go cast your votes and help this humble reviewer advance into the next round.


To vote, here are some links and instructions:
Small Press Idol Forum: Here, you can see all the Round 3 contestants and entries.
The Retriever Round 3 Entry: Here, click the title/logo to see the three page entry. Sign up for an account (really simple!) and put a "YES" in the reply field.

There you go... I try not to do many self-serving things, especially here... But I was encouraged, so here I am. Begging. Like a beggar. For votes.

Daniel Fu is the Comic Fodder Webcomic Reviewer
He lives in Austin, TX and is the creator of The Retriever webcomic.