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Trades galore from Dark Horse this Wedneday and a look at Fear Agent #1

Very light week for the floppies, but trade fans have some nice choices on Wednesday. For the first time in a long time though, no Star Wars at all. I guess I can use this week to dust off my Bossk minibust and catch up on some other reading.

Fear Agent #1 was interesting, but I'm not sure about it. The lettering used was kind of distracting, which is something I've never said before, and the panels were created out of wavy lines instead of straight. It is kind of disorienting, but maybe that's the effect the creators are going for. I do love the 50s sci-fi motif used in the art.

One other thing bothering me was the characterization of the rural Texas Huston family in the opening pages before hell breaks loose with the alien war. I don't know anything about writer Rick Remender's background other than he currently resides in Portland, which is obviously pretty far literally and figuratively from rural Texas. It is possible that I am overly sensitive to this because I am from a rural Southern background, but the characterizations strike me as contrived. It's like how I imagine a yankee would expect Southern salt-of-the-Earth type people to sound and act. But the Mayberryesque part of the story is all over now so it is a moot point as the series goes forward.

You can check out a Comic World News interview with Remender here.

The Art of Bone HC

DH bills this hardcover as the "Holy Grail" for Bone fans, as it has never before and rarely seen artwork, outlines, and entire stories from Jeff Smith's creation. 200 pages of full color for a cover price of $40.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Omnibus Volume 1

If Season 8 has rekindled your love of Buffy, you have already blown through your DVDs and (shudder) maybe even the movie, what's left? You can pick up this omnibus, which starts at the beginning of DH's Buffy comics with an adaption of creator Joss Whedon's original screenplay that became the Kristy Swanson film and then goes in to Season 1 continuity. This volume is 320 pages for $25 in DH's standard 6''x9" omnibus format.

Conan Volume 4: The Hall of the Dead TPB

The next collection of DH's ongoing Conan series. I picked up the last issue on a whim, and I enjoyed it despite my general lack of enthusiasm in the fantasy sword and sorcery genre. I like the art style and the straightforward storytelling. There's no wasted exposition or weird emo-style soliloquies, which I found very refreshing. The impressive list of creators in this volume includes Kurt Busiek, Mike Mignola, Tim Truman, and Cary Nord. Collecting issues 24, 25, 29, 30, 31, 33, and 34.

Hellboy: Darkness Calls #3

Issue #3 of the Hellboy mini also comes out Wednesday. I enjoyed the first issue, but I haven't picked up #2 yet so I need to catch up. It does appear that Hellboy is in some trouble.

Dwight T. Albatross’s The Goon Noir TPB

This Goon anthology has a huge roster of creators, including standup comedians (Patton Oswalt) and TV writers (the Reno 911 guy) along with the expected comics luminaries. This collects the three issue miniseries that ran in late 2006 and early 2007.

Bill covers Dark Horse and peers out suspiciously at the outside world from his rural redoubt.