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The Star Wars drought ends

It was a long couple of weeks without any new Star Wars funnybooks, but today we can enjoy new issues of Rebellion and Legacy.

Star Wars Legacy #14

After a couple of one-off issues, Legacy begins a new arc with this issue. And it's a big one: as DH has promised, this arc will reveal the identity of Legacy uberbaddie and king of the universe Darth Krayt. Among committed EU fans, this may be the most hotly debated question of the post-film era. Many hypotheses have been floated, but we'll finally start finding out. Cade will return to Coruscant and, as usual, will be pursued by the ghosts of his past. Maybe Cade should have changed his name when he renounced his Jedi heritage to become a pirate? You might think so, but that would be breaking with family tradition. Ostrander and Duuresma.

Star Wars Rebellion #8

We finally get a Darth Vader cover in this, the third issue of the current arc, "The Ahakista Gambit." The last issue was almost Vader-free: just him talking without being pictured, and then an appearance in a splash page cliffhanger at the end where he is obviously contemplating some form of ass kicking. This cover completes that thought.

The Empire is guarding some kind of secret on the planet Ahakista, which is about to slip into civil war. Our hero, Rebel spy Wyl Tarson, is in the middle of things, still has a bomb in his head, and is being controlled by the ruthless crime lord who could press the button at any time. That's a lot of plot to juggle, but it's working so far. It's definitely Star Wars. I am enjoying this arc much more than the first Rebellion story despite the absence of any trilogy heavyweights.

Martha Washington Dies (one-shot)

This one shot is an extension of Frank Miller and Dave Gibbons's Give Me Liberty series about future dystopian war. Sounds like a downer, but I'm going to give this a shot even though I have never read any prior Give Me Liberty. I'm guessing this material will be ripe with allegory for our current times, which should make for interesting reading.

B.P.R.D.: Garden of Souls #5 (of 5)

This Mike Mignola mini ends with this issue.

Blade of the Immortal #127: Life in Death

Bill covers Dark Horse for Comic Fodder.