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Legacy Revelation Day

I know I'm repeating myself, but once again I'm bunkered down in an air-conditioned room today, waiting for some good books to read as time slows to an absolute crawl. Dark Horse has obliged us again with a fresh shipment of material. Eventually the weather will return to something less than furnace temperatures, and we can go outside again before 8 p.m. But until then, grab some books, turn down your AC, and relax through these last few weeks of summer.

You can also check out a ton of DH pics from Comic Con here. Joss Whedon is looking pretty svelte (or at least more so than that stock photo Wizard always uses where he has a bizarre expression on his face.)

Star Wars: Legacy #15--Claws of the Dragon pt. 2

As the PR says, in bold type no less: "This issue reveals the identity of Darth Krayt!" Will we wake up to the plaintive wails of Star Wars fanboys, or will they be satisfied with the denouement of the plot point that launched a thousand message board threads? I predict moderate teeth gnashing.

Star Wars: Rebellion #9

Rebellion is back with another speech bubble cover. I don't care that some people think it's a cheesy anachronism; I like it. Wyl Tarson still has the small problem of a bomb in his brain and a Mission: Impossible-style assault to pull off against an impregnable Imperial fortress holding its essential navigation supercomputers. The PR also promises a plot twist. Tarson has been a good protagonist (though he does look exactly like Tom Collins in the film version of Rent), but the real star here is of course Darth Vader in full-on badass mode. No emo self doubt at this point of Vader's life, which makes for sweet splash pages and hilarious dialog.

Star Wars: Episode I--The Phantom Menace Photo Comic

A manga-sized adaption made up entirely of photos from the film. This way, you don't actually hear Jar-Jar's voice. But will your inner voice unconsciously emulate it anyway as you read, and isn't that worse? $9.99 will let you test this out.

B.P.R.D.: Garden of Souls #1

Mike Mignola co-writes this new BPRD mini with Dark Horse veteranJohn Arcudi. This story has the novel setting of the jungles of Southeast Asia. Guy Davis handles art duties.


Chunchu Volume 1: The Genocide Fiend

Genocide Fiend, the feel-good story of the year! This is Korean, so I guess it's not technically manga. The term used by DH is "manhwa."

Blade of the Immortal #128: Badger Hole part 1

Style School Vol. 1 TPB

Japan's leading manga illustration instructional guide (titled SS Magazine in Japan) comes to America! Color, $15.

Bill covers Dark Horse and will eventually quit bitching about the weather when things cool off and football kicks off.