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Dana's Marvel Review - Books for 12/12/07

This was a pretty light week for me in the world of comic books. Not that I'm complainin'. It's Christmas. My wallet could use the break.

On with the reviews...


By Brian Michael Bendis, Leinil Yu and Dave McCaig

I’ve been a fan of Brian Michael Bendis for a long time. And when he launched The New Avengers out of his “Disassembled” arc for The Avengers, I was pretty thrilled. The title had been lagging a bit, and I thought he could really bring a great deal of excitement to a team that I’d loved for years. What he did for Spider-Man in the Ultimate Universe was nothing short of amazing. So I couldn’t even fathom the life he could breathe into this group of heroes.

The title started off fantastically. I loved a number of the arcs in the beginning. I enjoyed how he reestablished the team, the members he chose to use, the obstacles he put in their way, etc… And the first couple years were pretty good. But lately, I just feel the stories have been dragging a bit. There’ve been some stellar issues. And even those that haven’t been still read well. Bendis is a good writer. He has a real knack for dialogue and character. But on a whole, the arcs seem to be taking too long to resolve. And this arc is one of them.

This issue is pretty much devoted to the apprehension and interrogation of Dirk Garthwaite, a.k.a. The Wrecker. Basically, the book recounts the events that brought about his, along with other super-powered criminals, capture. The issue is engaging enough but I can’t help thinking it could’ve been told in half the pages. Or incorporated into the previous issue. It just reiterates the facts we already know – under The Hood, things will be different.

Though the book reads well, it isn’t essential to the conclusion of the arc which will happen in the upcoming annual. All in all, you could easily save your $3.00 and pick up next month’s book.


By Kevin Grevioux, Paco Medina, Juan Vlasco and Marte Gracia

Some people may complain that the relaunch of New Warriors has been taking too long to establish itself. And I’m usually the first to chime in with this. But for some reason, the pace hasn’t bothered me. It’s quite suited this book, actually. Of course, I seem to be partial to a slow-ish start. I enjoy getting to know the characters (even if they’re by no means new), the team’s dynamic, their relationships, and what makes them tick. We’ve pretty much gotten to witness all of this – plus, a battle with the New Zodiac, the death of team member, the hospitalization of a potential recruit, and the disbanding of the squad (not the most original device. I mean, what reader would truly believe this). If you take a moment to look back, you’ll see that a lot has happened.

By all accounts, this is a very solid issue. The team roster is finally founded. And an interesting development is brought to light: could Tony Stark be secretly funding this new team to solidify the need for his Initiative? This isn’t a new idea but it works to heighten the drama of the book. And with the way I feel about this character, I really hope it’s true. Or if it isn’t, I hope it’s still pinned on him.

For my money, I definitely say pick this title up!



By Orson Scott Card, Pasqual Ferry and Dean White

Though plagued with delays, I found the first volume of Ultimate Iron-Man quite enjoyable. So I had pretty high hopes for this one. And Orson Scott Card delivered a very solid first issue. We are quickly reintroduced the situation at hand and then watch as the new conditions unfold. The military has taken an interest in Stark technologies, namely the “giant robot” they’ve created. They want to use it to kill terrorist cells overseas. I could sit here and recount the entire issue but what fun is that, right? What I will say is that Card has written a book that is rich in both character and action. He develops the story from where he left off and it’s as if the book has never been gone. Pick it up! You won’t regret it.


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