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Comic Art Imitates Life?

What’s it called when life imitates art, but the life version was there along, we just never knew about it? I picked up a Reuters report via msnbc, and according to the article, there are several species of frogs that can sprout claws. This is not a joke.

The frogs have to break open their own skin to let the claws out in each of their four feet. Leave it to American scientists to find out these things. The frog must have thought the scientist was attacking him. Well, I do have to admit that scientists do have an annoying tendency to dissect most frogs any chance they seem to get. I remember seeing a couple in school just for “learning purposes.” To us, scientists are nerds. To frogs, they might be the deadliest menace in the entire world. My question is, how much did this discovery cost us? You just know these Americans had an official US grant!

The way the article reads, there are some nodules of free-floating bone that kind of hold everything in place until the frog flexes its foot in the right way. The free-floating nodules give way and the claws come out. I’m not sure exactly how; in my head, it’s like the nodules are a system to act as a little catch on a spring-loaded device, and when the frog moves the right way, it removes the catch so the “spring” can push the claws all the way out, sort of like a man concealing a spring-loaded gun up his coat sleeve. The report is not specific enough for me to tell if it really operates that way. Oh, and of course the locals already knew all about it.

So we got lucky, mutant fans. If Len Wein and John Romita Sr. had been more worldly, we might have been reading about a fast-healing Frog with adamantium claws for the past 30 years. Remember, truth is always stranger than fiction…

Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.