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Tpull's Weekly DC Comics Review – Part One

Batman and the Outsiders 9

by Chuck Dixon and Julian Lopez

The first few pages alone make me wish Chuck Dixon had been able to stay longer on this series. Metamorpho breaks free from his captors in a wonderful way! One weird thing is that Francine Langstrom manages to uncover an operation on the moon that has somehow escaped the notice of the JLA for the past year. So much for all those sophisticated sensors the League is supposed to have. The humor continues as Salah plays around with Remac, the reverse OMAC under his control.

Batman takes a lead to the Looker to attempt to penetrate the mystery. Lopez’s art is passably good, and it helps that he has a good inker and colorist to really fill things out. Cover by Dougie Braithwaite and Brian Reber. I’m not sure how many more scripts Dixon turned in before he had to leave DC, but I’m wishing it was two or three more.

Birds of Prey 120

by Tony Bedard and Michael O’Hare

We pick up where we left off, with Manhunter trying her chops against Black Canary, and at least they ended the nonsensical fight in a good way. Oracle’s new operative, Infinity, tries to delve deeper into the mystery of the Silicon Syndicate, who seem to be parasites basically, ransacking the HQs of missing villains. They might have robbed the wrong playpen, though, judging by the last page of the issue.

Checkmate 28

by Chuck Bruce Jones and Manuel Garcia

It’s hard to go on about Checkmate these days because the plot is danged simple. The new weapon/guy Chimera wrestles with a giant monster, and for some unexplained reason weird weather erupts in all major countries, with some additional monsters. Little in the way of explanations. It’s like they don’t even want us to buy the monthly anymore, they are just pushing it in trade format. I’m in a holding pattern on this title, hoping someone gets back to the spy stuff and political intrigue.

The Flash 242

by Tom Peyer and Freddie Williams III

The Flash puts the Edwar situation to rest and hurries back to help his rapidly aging daughter. The art is bad, and the inking is done by the same guy as far as I can tell, and he over-inks it, as if trying to make up for the fact that there’s just not much there, as if really darkening the lines of what little is there will somehow compensate for it. Something funky happens to Iris at the end, but is it an illusion? Flash’s family dilemma is not grabbing me, not sure if it’s the poor art, or the fact that Wally seems to have been written as a “blank” character, without anything that distinguishes him from any other character. Peyer can’t find Wally’s “voice,” and it’s definitely hurting the overall story.

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