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My Favorite Comic Book Games

Most of us start out our comic collecting habit alone. The lucky ones have an older sibling or encounter a couple friends who share the joy, but after that, we make our own luck. And the best place to make your own luck and meet fellow enthusiasts is simply by hanging out at your local comic store. After a small gang has developed, you usually tend to get together to hang out for bowling or movies or barbeques, but you just know that comic books are mentioned often, and you know that games are played.

I’m not talking about the different licensed versions of Marvel or DC Monopoly, or the multitude of children’s board games or new video games based upon the more popular characters, or even the classic variation of Old Maid when it was called the Marvel Comics Super-heroes Card Game. You can Google all of those to your heart’s content. And those games are played sometimes, make no mistake. But I’m talking about competition games you make up on your own. They are so fun words cannot describe, but they won’t mean a thing to people who don’t read comics, for the most part. So be forewarned, only bring these up if everyone in the room is known to be a fan, because you’re guaranteed to have a blast for the whole night.

The rules are simple: You set up a timer, make sure everyone has a piece of paper and something to write with, and people get a point for every answer, but the people who have the same answer have to cross it out and lose that point. Here are the games:

1. Nickname Crossout
Write down the nicknames of any comic character. Shell-head, Web-slinger, etc. Usually the timer is set for only two or three minutes, but feel free to set your own pace. The less time, the more frenetic everyone becomes.

2. Similar Super-Heroes
Available for use: all heroes, villains, supporting characters, equipment, and buildings! List everything that has double initials: Peter Parker, Baxter Building, Mickey Mouse… that’s right, remember it just has to be a comic book character. It can be someone from the Sunday funnies, these games are not limited to just super-things.

3. The Color Game
Players write down any characters that have a color in their name. The Silver Ghost, Blue Beetle, the Grey Gargoyle, etc. Remember if another player wrote down the same name, you each have to cross it out.

4. Animal Game
Same as the Color Game, but only list heroes, villains, and supporting characters with an animal as part of their name. One point for each original answer.

5. Call Me “Sir”
How many characters can you name that have a title as part of said name? Professor X, King Snake, etc.

6. Hollywood Heroes
List all actors and actresses who have played in a super-hero movie. Does Underdog count? Listen to all your friends groan as you mention Halle Berry for Catwoman, and Dolph Lundgren for the original Punisher movie!

7. Name the Teams
Quick! List the name of every group you can think of! Villain groups and supporting groups too. For example, S.H.I.E.L.D. counts. For an acronym variant, have everybody write out just the groups with acronyms, but be able to say out loud what the letters all stand for.

8. Shout the Team
One person shouts the name of a super-group. It could be heroes or villains. You’ve got until the time is up to list all members, current, past, future (if known), honorary, substitute, etc. Although you can make a separate category for the Legion of Substitute Heroes.

9. Tagline Names
You can use heroes, villains, and supporting characters. Write down a character. The next character’s first initial must be the same as the last initial of the previous name. The game is the most fun when you write down a name and pass it on to the next player to make them come up with it in just a few, timed seconds. You can also have everyone make their own list.

10. They Said What?!
List every slogan by a person or creed by a group. Thing’s “It’s Clobberin’ Time,” counts, as does “Titans Together,” or the motto of Hyrda. You may want to give extra time on the timer for all the writing on this one. You just KNOW someone’s going to write out the entire Green Lantern oath…

That’s all we have room for today. Tune in tomorrow when I’ll list the other ten games.
Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.