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My Favorite Comic Book Games - Part II

Here we go, the rest of the comic games, in no particular order, that comic fans will love to play. And your girlfriend will probably kill you in the car on the way home afterward, for making her go through that...

11. Name That Pet!
Every animal sidekick that you can think of, jot it down fast! And you thought you’d never have a reason in your life to write down Ace the Bathound! (Don’t confuse this with the Animal Game from yesterday.)

12. Where in the World….?
It’s geography time! Hope you paid closer attention reading comics than you did in school when they were pointing out where things are. List all fictional cities and countries. For a variant, try to list the names of different universes and dimensions. Listing all the numbers for DC’s 52 universes doesn’t count!

13. Location, Location, Location
Name comic places. This is not geography, this is an HQ, like the Baxter Building or the Hall of Justice. Latveria may be Doom’s base, but it’s also the whole freaking country, so that one doesn’t count. Think small enough to be a building or clubhouse for this one.

14. Holy Secret Code, Batman!
Take a super-hero’s name, write it at the top of the paper. Start the timer. Make as many words from the name as you can. The words have to be at least three letters long. Remember, you have to cross off any word that anybody else also has at the end for scoring.

15. Where’s My Gear?
List all of the equipment in the super-hero universes. Mystical objects, Batcars, Cap’s shield, it’s all fair game. Why bother writing down Ultimate Nullifier? At least three other people in the room already did. Think, man, think!

16. Comic Bliss
List all married couples in the fictional worlds of all things super. Yes, Spidey and Mary Jane still count. If not in this universe, then in another.

17. Cosmic Roll Call
Name as many dimensional deities or cosmic forces as you can. Silver Surfer doesn’t count (or he does if everyone agrees), but Galactus does. Make sure everyone agrees on the limits for this one before you start, or they’ll be some arguing.

18. Powerless Support
How many characters can you name that do NOT have super powers? You only have two minutes! Ahhhh!!

19. Alpha Heroes
Be the first one to list 26 characters. It can be heroes, villains, and supporting characters. One for each letter of the alphabet, starting with the letter A.

20. Related Trivia
This one isn’t really timed. One player asks the others to write down the answer to his trivia question. Every player who gets it right gets 10 points. For every player that gets it wrong, zero points to them, but the person who asked the question gets 10 points for each of the incorrect players. Play passes to the right as the next player has to ask a question that relates in some way to the previous question.
Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.