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Did Batman Start a Lawsuit against Batman?

Isn’t it neat when comic books gain attention in real life? Well, there was that whole nasty business of comic burnings and testimony to Congress a few decades back, as publishers tried to convince people that comic books weren’t responsible for turning all of America’s youth into juvenile delinquents, but at least nobody tries to make those ridiculous claims today.

Until word came of a lawsuit against Warner Brothers and Christopher Nolan. The mayor of Batman, Turkey, has said he is suing them for royalties to the recent Batman movie, claiming they used the city’s name without permission. Does this mean Jack Hawksmoor will represent the plaintiff? Get this: the movie is blamed for murders and high female suicides, because the movie was so successful.

A spokesman for Warner Brothers could not confirm any actual lawsuit, so who knows if an actual complaint has been filed, but the mayor is supposed to be pulling together all of his evidence that the city is older than the comic character. Well the city itself is actually called Baty Raman, and is part of Batman Province. It’s oil rich, and a refinery was built there in 1955, but the town itself was established in 1937, two years before the comic character made his debut. I’m pretty certain neither Bob Kane nor Bill Finger knew about this, or if they did, that it played any part in the formulation of the fictional hero.

So we have a Batman town in Batman Province. Did you know there’s a Batman River, too, according to Wikipedia? Holy Bat-geography! Just wait until a sequel brings back Robin, and watch Robins, Iowa jump on the bat-wagon too. Usually, when someone has an infringement case, they have a statute of limitations, so depending on the situation, they have to file a case within either three or five years of the actual offense. The commission of this “crime” would have been back in 1939, but Batman wasn’t the subject of a 528 million dollar film ($994 million in worldwide box office gross). Are we supposed to follow the bat-money, or follow the money bat?

This article suggests that the mayor is also trying to find a scapegoat for the rash of female suicides, which are related to the honor killings of some Islamic practices where a woman is killed if she is impure (i.e., someone raped her, or she looked cross-eyed at the wrong guy). Make sure that your boyfriend doesn’t dedicate a love ballad to you on the radio. I can’t find any reference in the Qur’an that allows this, but this wouldn’t be the first time someone found something sick and twisted in his interpretation of a religious text. In this case, though, the “honor suicide” is carried out when the woman herself is convinced she has committed a shameful offense, and she takes her own life so nobody has to be inconvenienced by performing the actual murder.

Sounds to me like instead of suing, the mayor should be asking for a real life Batman to come save some lives.
Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.