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Hey, Kids... do your comics cost too much?

They sure do. And the prices could go up at any time.

Rock'n'roller Eric Knight suggested a petition for retailers, but I figured... why not a petition everyone can enjoy?

Here are some of the benefits of lower priced comics:

1) Better for your personal and/ or comics budget.
2) You can pick up more comics per dollar.
3) Can save money for that Mr. Fantastic Shirt you've had your eye on
4) No longer embarassed to tell friends and family how much comics cost these days, per issue
5) Easier entry price point for folks looking to sample a new comic
6) Competitive pricing with free, illegally downloadable comics means industry might not crater into blackhole of refusal to get with 21st Century
7) Tired of Paul Levitz bragging about jockey shorts made from $100 bills.
8) Can move from plain ol' Ramen to the new Spicey Deluxe Ramen
9) Don't understand why staples holding comics together must be made of real vibranium
10) Computerized coloring too real, anyway. Freaking me out.

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Come on, I can take it.


Ryan is an Op/Ed columnist for Comic Fodder. He keeps his comics and himself in Austin, Texas where he manages the long running blog League of Melbotis.

He likes Superman.

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5 signatures (6 including mine). Seriously? And Eric hasn't even signed...

-- Posted by: Ryan at November 6, 2008 4:55 PM

It used to be that $3.99 comics had extra pages, so they were worth it.

However, the Big 2 are starting to put $3.99 prices on comics that are no better than their $2.99 cousins.

I'm not buying any of them. $4 for a comic!

(I do love the computerized coloring by the way....that's one of the reasons that I think the $2.99 comics are worth their cost...)

God, this month's Franklin Richards comic is $3.99!!!!! (who is buying this junk????)

-- Posted by: TonyJazzz at November 6, 2008 7:58 PM

I can justify $3.50 for an indie comic or oversized comic.

I am not so enamored of computerized coloring that it has a huge affect of my reading experience. And, sometimes, part of me misses the more creative methods employed in pre-computer days that seem to have been lost.

But I guess, and this is evil, I sort of think I'd take a lesser coloring job, etc... in a comic if I thought it would drive the cost down. And I'd certainly go back to lousier paper stock if the quality of paper for collections was higher. Comics get read once or twice and then given away or bagged. Trades need to last a lot longer, and I think I'd be willing to pay for that, depending.

-- Posted by: Ryan at November 7, 2008 4:36 PM