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Tpull's Weekly DC Comics Review – Part Two

Final Crisis: Resist 1

by Greg Rucka and Eric Trautman

The Checkmate series has been canceled, but we get a precious look at the characters one more time. As a matter of fact, we get to see them more here than we have seen them in the last few issues oft heir own magazine, combined! Thank you, Greg Rucka. Snapper Carr has become one of the most important resistance fighters due to his teleport capability, helping him to come and go without exposure to the anti-life virus. It’s good while it lasts.

The cool idea they come up with is to re-activate the OMAC code that is still present in a certain number of people. It speaks to the desperation of such a maneuver that nobody really tries hard to talk about the fates of them as innocent casualties. Facing the “end of the world,” as they try to tell us, is going to result in the destruction of everything, so what matter if a few more Omac drones get killed? This should cut down on the long-standing plot dangle about the rest of the Omac-infested population. It sounds lucky for the good guys that nobody else was able to re-activate all of these Omacs and program them for evil.

This is a nice one-shot, and helps to expand upon what the new environment is like for the underground heroes, in a better way than any other one-shot, or even in the main series. The main series is still falling flat with me due to its lack of detail. That, plus my knowledge that this is all hype, and “Evil” doesn’t really win, and in a couple months, everything will be back to normal. Until the next “final crisis.” Blech. At least the one-shots and tie-ins are mostly good reads.

Secret Six 3

by Gail Simone and Nicola Scott

The covers are still goofy, and I can only imagine it’s because of Simone’s particular style of humor. She would be better served to stop trying so hard to be funny, and learn more about the characters she is abusing. Deadshot used to be a morbid figure with deep pain and anger. Simone has turned him into an amoral mercenary that feels as faceless as any number of goons in the DC universe. All of the gravitas that made him interesting has been flushed out, leaving him as nothing more than a delivery vehicle for Simone’s one-liners.

Meanwhile, Bane, the man who nearly broke Batman, is running around with killer villains while protesting that he will only perform moral actions, and telling Scandal it is her bedtime?!? Talk about reducing someone to a footnote. What happened to the intelligent master-planner who was able to dominate Gotham City? He’s a one-note guy, and there isn’t a real reason for him to be hanging out with this group.

Now for the good parts: Nicloa Scott make the most of what has been given, and the shading and lighting of the various panels makes for entertaining viewing. There are a couple of laugh-worthy comments in Simone’s non-stop attempt at humor, so that maybe two times out of twenty I actually smile. The ending is cool, too, as we find out the reason this one little card is so valuable.

Terror Titans 2

by Sean McKeever and Joe Bennett

Okay, before we begin, has everyone filled out their match-up cards based on the single-elimination match-up DC has printed in the back of all of their magazines last month? Because this is where the fighting starts. The timing is awful for this series, because Final Crisis is already over here, if I’m not mistaken, which means of course, that everything is pretty much the same as it was before Final Crisis ever happened. So FC was a bust, as far as I’m concerned.

McKeever and Bennett make sure to include a little gore into the issue, so they make good on their promise that it is a little ‘edgier’ than a regular mini-series. The slicing scene was a little artificial, so rather than having it be a natural part of the story, it feels forced, as if they really stretched their minds to figure out where they could put the mandatory ’gory part’ into the current issue.

They don’t have room to show us a full-out fight for most of the combatants, so we just get a bunch of one-panel features of the different bouts. Half the people I picked to win have lost already! In the meantime, they try to focus on the other members of this Terror group, and Persuader leads Dreadbolt right to his own big confrontation… his dad. His dad is also over in Secret Six right now, along with Cheetah, and I just read her in Final Crisis: Resist. It would make for better reading if I wasn’t constantly seeing villains in two places at once, we get enough of that with the heroes as it is.

Bottom line, despite some gripes in here, this mini-series in an interesting read, and I want to see where it ends up. Bennett’s backgrounds show some thought, and the details highlighting the Clock King are great.

Trinity 23

by Kurt Busiek, Mark Bagley, Fabian Nicieza, Tom Derenick and Wayne Foucher

The universe is slowly but surely putting things back to where they are supposed to be, like a rubber band that has been stretched too far being slowly let back into its resting state. It’s messy though, because when one hero reverts back to his proper “default setting,” the rest of the people don’t immediately follow suit. That leaves a lot of them standing around scratching their heads, trying to come to grips with the conflicting facts they see, and the memories in their heads.

The backup story starts right after Morgaine takes over France. John Stewart tries to control the force of the Void Hound parasite, which ends up making a wormhole that is convenient for Despero’s forces, who want to destroy Kanjar Ro, since Mr. Ro was so impolite as to impersonate Despero earlier. And observing it all, holding it in his hands, so to speak, is Krona. Things that make you say hmm…
Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.

In reference to both of your reviews of FC: Resist and Terror Titans and your constant confusion between when the on going books in the DCU are set. DC stated before FC came out that all the books being done during FC would take place before it started and some may show things leading up to FC. (e.g. JLA Sighting issue with Libra etc.) Why can a guy who hadn't read one comic book in the last 15 years pick up reading comics again this past spring and know this? People who review comics really should pay a little more attention to what is going on within the industry. People that are always claiming to be confused with FC seem to me not really to be reading. Both my 15 and 17 year old sons who had not read much DC until FC can follow the stories nuances with easy. I am a DC fan in general but a good story is all it takes to enjoy a comic book. Daredevil, Capt America, and Thor are my Marvel pulls and these are some of the best reads over at Marvel.

-- Posted by: RICHARD TAYLOR at November 9, 2008 10:48 AM