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What Would Your Superhero Name Be?

Okay, every comic book fan has pretended he was actually a superhero on occasion. Maybe you were younger, and crafted a cape out of bedsheets. Maybe your mom helped you cut out some cardboard and paint it red white and blue for a shield. Maybe it was yesterday, and you’re 35. Maybe I’m sharing too much. But odds are, you have also made up your very own super-creation, whose secret identity was you. If you had the chance to legally change your name to include your superhero name, what would it sound like?

Well, a 19-year-old did just that. His choice for the legal name change? Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined. Seriously. They refer to him in short as Captain Fantastic. And if you simply have to know what such a person looks like, see here.

He’s not alone, actually. There is a World Superhero Registry, and people have signed up. Is anything out of bounds? Well, New Zealand officials have stopped parents from naming their children ‘Adolf Hitler’ and ‘Satan,’ as well as starting the name with a numeral. ‘Superman’ just might have been allowed, from what I can tell. But hey! This isn’t about what your parents want! This is about you! (Note: And thank heaven, because the parents sound even stranger!)

So what about it, true believers? Would you rename yourself in honor of the classic heroes that have gone before, or are you saving that name for the heroic creation you dreamt up when you were four? Maybe
Stephen Lynch could help you out, he has some great suggestions…
Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop. He was jealous of Ryan including so many hypertext links, so take that, Ryan! Two can play at that game! Just call me Imbed Kid! Wait, that sounds bad…

Okay, Imbed Kid...

I've only ever worked under a pseudonym during my tenure as a record store employee, when I had the name "Captain Danger" on my name tag. But that more to do with plausible deniability if we had a bad secret shopper report. And, of course, thanks to the magic of Google ID's, I post on Blogger accounts as "The League".

But as per a real name? Or becoming one of the "Reals"? (A) My wife would never put up with usch a thing. She doesn't want to be "Mrs. Danger" or "Corporal Danger" or something. (B) I'm still very fuzzy as per what the Reals DO. It seems like a good way to get arrested.

Honestly, I couldn't even get my wife to let me name my dog "Lois", althoughw e did agree on the Peanuts' "Lucy", so I'm not really sure how well adopting a heroic pseudonym would go over.

-- Posted by: Ryan at November 4, 2008 11:15 AM

Ebony Cat Ghost No. 5.

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