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The Signal Watch Week 02/06/2009

Welcome to this week's edition of The Signal Watch.

Sorry about the lack of posting from me (Travis did just fine). Work, life and a lot of distractions caught up with me, so I throw myself at your mercy.

Weird week the past couple weeks as Final Crisis wrapped last week, leaving DC readers off-kilter. This week saw the release of Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds, and Adventure Comics #0, giving a huge bounce to the DCU's mega-narrative.

New York Comic-Con is starting, which is always a fun Con to watch online as stories unfold, the companies sell fans on their next few months worth of output (while saving some for the summer Con season), and the real stories seem to occur during the after-parties.

So what else?

The Keene Act

I've not been shy about expressing my skepticism regarding the upcoming Watchmen film (now about a month away), but I will admit to feeling some tinge of hope when I see the viral material hitting the internets.

Aside from the bit that seems to be computer generated animation (the key in lock) it's a pretty great little film, and should be a nice companion piece for the inevitable deluxe collectors edition on Blu-Ray. Pretty nifty stuff, and a pretty darn clear sign that someone associated with the production knew enough about the book to pay attention to the details.

Ah, heck, here's this one, too.

Bendis's "Powers" Headed for TV

It looks like Powers is getting the small-screen treatment.

This reader is a big fan of Powers (as well as Torso and other Bendis works), and that's why we won't jump on the anti-Bendis bandwagon, even when we're not huge fans of his Avengers work. The potential for a top-notch show is certainly there, as long as they don't monkey with the concept too much. And the oft-morally-nebulous programming of FX seems like a good place for Powers.

No word yet on whether they plan to go animated or live-action, but I'd prefer to see it developed as an animated series. But, eh... whatever. We'll see. There's a long time between announcements and anything actually happening.

Bloom County Collected

For comic strip fans who came of age, or who were already of age, in the 1980's, there were a few strips that papers had to carry. Far Side, Calvin & Hobbes, and Bloom County (yes, yes... and Mary Worth). Far Side and Calvin & Hobbes have already received premium collected treatments, so its great to see Berkeley Breathed's strip also receive the due it deserves.

This writer will admite surprise that IDW is the company taking on the chores, but if its a sign IDW is competing with Top Shelf, Fantagraphics, etc... then its comic fans who win.

Newsarama discusses the upcoming books here.

Kreisberg no longer on World of Krypton

We'd noted before that the March solicits replaced writer Andrew Kreisberg with Rucka and Robinson on "World of Krypton". DC seems to be on an up tic, as per just being straightforward with its audience when something odd happens and anyone with a copy of the solicits can start putting the puzzle together.

Anyhow, it seems that things aren't quite falling apart over at editor Matt Idleson's corner or the DCU. It was more or less a matter of logistics. Kreisberg realized he was a bit busy with his other jobs and was having a hard time working in the manner needed to make all the Super-titles mesh.

Kreisberg is now off the book completely, with Rucka and Robinson now listed as the writers from issue #1 onward. Here's to hoping this whole things hangs together.

Superman Sings!

Do not proceed if you haven't read the conclusion to Final Crisis.

My favorite meme of the week has been the one launched by Dr. K., who asks, what was the song that saved the Universe?

Dr. K has actually written some terrific columns about Final Crisis at this point, which i found intimidating enough to not start my own column until I was sure he'd wrapped it up and I wouldn't just be repeating the guy. Not sure he's done yet, but here are parts one, two and three. All worth a read.

With any luck, I'll be writing yet another unnecessary column about Final Crisis. We're hoping that a former Comic Fodder contributor will be rejoining us for a look at Final Crisis.

Questions? Comments? Hate mail?

Come on, I can take it.


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