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The Signal Watch - Week 02/18/09

The Big, Seemingly Pointless Switcheroo

Travis alerted me to this one, and its a weird one. Marvel has issued replacement copies for Mighty Avengers #21. However, neither Travis nor his pals saw a reason why they would replace the issue with new copies.

I did a little investigation, and its not exactly an All Star Batman foul-language flub. According to comments on Comic Bloc, it looks like a whole mess of copies of this comic were torn or something during printing.

I guess that's cool of Marvel. Hooray..?

DC Solicitations for May 2009

I don't know if you've had an opportunity to look at the solicitations for May 2009 yet, but the general trends in DC's publishing strategy seem to really have coalesced in May's offerings.

With the introduction of the DC Library line, the Showcase Presents collections, Absolute Editions, collections of recent runs on popular titles, and collections of storylines from the past 15 years or so (including Flash runs by Morrison and Millar), it seems like DC is as happy to mine their vaults for sales as they are to work on new material. And as movie studios have known for years (thanks to home video) there's money to be made in old product, too.

It doesn't seem the ancillary titles (Secret Six, Warlord) and mini-series (Last Days of Animal Man) are going away. And that's a good thing. But they do seem almost drowned out in the massive onslaught of Bat-related titles, Green Lantern event books, and Superman books have kind of overpowered the smaller titles. If a solicitation is all the marketing DC is going to do (yeah, yeah... going to Cons, whatever... many of us wont be going to the cons...) then those smaller titles won't ever be much beyond the lowest-selling titles in the second biggest American comic company.

What Happens at the (Online) Watchtower, Stays at....

Saw this on the Newsarama blog. Apparently DC has licensed the DC characters for online gambling. Which... is... weird.

Something tells me that DC is going to wind up regretting this decision.

Superman on the B-Ball Court

I don't follow professional basketball the way I used to, but now that football season is over, I've got to fill the time somehow. Anyhow, Dwight Howard, who won the Slam Dunk Competition last year by donning a Superman cape and performing some aerial stuntitudes, was beat this year by Nate Robinson, who went for a Kryptonite theme.

You can check it out here.

Also, after Dwight Howard's Super-slam dunk last year, Adidas began negotiating with DC to get official Superman/ Dwight Howard shoes made. Here's an early sneak-peek from the competition this week.

We (comic geeks) are all ridiculous

Heidi already covered this at length, so I won't get too much into it here. But in fretting about the likelihood of $4.00 comics (which, honestly, they're here), C.H.U.D. writer Devin goes maybe a little over the top in complaining about the comic nerds who are enabling the industry to charge $4.00 a pop for 22 pages.

I kind of love this quote:

I'm beginning to look at adults who are deeply immersed in superheroes the way I would look at a grown man eating baby food for lunch. Except that I would say the baby food guy is at least getting some nourishment.

I'm not someone who gets wound up over this stuff, because its kind of true. Buts its also true about pretty much any other hobby in the world. Sure, we pay $3 for a comic, but do you know how much season tickets cost for any major sporting league? Or even a subscription to a season pass for baseball? Or anything else that's, apparently, not as important as, of all things (roll eyes) genre movies such as what's featured on CHUD?

Take it all in stride, kids.

That "Whatever Happened to Batman" thing by Gaiman

Was pretty good. I commented to a pal that I wished they'd just released it in a single volume. I know why they didn't, and its good to have such solid material in the regular titles, but... anyway, I'll want to read it again, which means I have to buy a trade at some point.

Looking forward to the rest of it.

Star Wars Episodes 1 and 2

This has nothing to do with comics, but they were showing Star Wars movies on Spike this weekend, and I watched the last half hour of Episode 1 and the first 30 minutes of Episode 2.

Man. Those movies are bad. I don't really get how people stuck with Star Wars after all that mess. God bless you. Someone had to do it.

DC Wants to Keep those Watchmen-curious Readers to Keep Reading

This is from Robot 6. DC has cooked up a promotional plan to help comic shops and, I'd guess, comic fans with non-comic reading pals a place to go after Watchmen.

Not sure I completely agree with their choices, but there you have it.

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Come on, I can take it.


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He likes Superman.

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Ryan - I like your analysis of Devin's quote. I think it's just a bit over zealous to criticize superhero fans so much. I don't go to bars, I don't buy many DVDs, I don't buy CDs at all, I don't go to sports games or concerts, and I don't spend money on any number of expensive drugs that I could easily be spending a lot of money on to get sh*tfaced. Hell, I don't even go out and buy expensive clothes. But I do drop $10 to $40 at my comic book store every Wednesday. Is that really so bad??!

-- Posted by: Nick Marino at February 18, 2009 11:22 AM

DC for May wasn't impressive at all. We've got the end of Battle for the Cowl (did we need it to start in the first place?), As Krypton Turns in the 3 Superman(less) titles, yet more Blackest Night build-up, Trinity ends (thank god), Wonder Woman gets beat up again, and 4 unnecessary and unwanted Aftermath mini-series roll out [6 issues of Super Team???]

Let me see if I got this right - JLA, DC's flagship book features a battle between...Dharma and Starbreaker. WTF? I am so glad I dropped this.

Lot's of TPB, which is good to see. I'm with you that it is about time DC figures out they can collect stuff from the 90's and early 00's and make money on it. There are a lot of series from that time I missed that I'd happily pick up in TPB.

The Trinity TPB is $30 for 416 pages!! That's $90 retail for all 3 whereas the issues were $150 for 52 issues. Wow, on the one hand I think that is a great price point, on the other I wonder why DC would price it so cheap. Though $40 for 144 pages of Flash is excessive. That's the equivelant of paying $6.50 an issue @ 22 pages.

Astro City, Gears at War, Protype, Resistance, and Resident Evil at $4.00 for 32 pages? Great way to get people to buy those (rolls eyes). Unwritten #1 at $1.00 for 40 pages - someone should get a cookie for having a decent idea.

$300 for some Lantern rings? I guess. Batman multi-part statue, $150 each with 4 parts so $600 for a statue? Wow.


Batman #685 - I don't know about this one. It was OK, I thought the take on Alfred was interesting, but it read like something out of an old Detective Comics story where the villains all get together to do pretty much this exact same thing. And that HC for $25 is overpriced. The FC: Rogues Revenge HC is longer, better, and cheaper.

Star Wars 1 and 2 - you're just now figuring this out? Those 90's sequals are all a disaster. I might have liked EPISODE 1 more if they had cast a kid who, you know, COULD ACT. I hope to God Lucas abandon's his plans to create 7-9.

As for CHUD, I don't care. I know guys who have walls of DVDs and games, don't see anyone ragging on them. Then there's gun collectors, train collectors, hell even those old ladies who collect lifelike procelin dolls. Fan is short for "fanatic" for a reason.

-- Posted by: David at February 18, 2009 11:57 AM

I honestly haven't watched the new Star Wars movies (or the old ones) in years. I know I hadn't seen any of Episode II since the theater, and there's a whole story about how I wound up accidentally seeing it four times (four!) in about a two week stretch as I paid off favors. And it didn't get any better. I just went to the happy place in my mind.

I totally missed the price point on the Flash collection, but the format of those Library books is pretty darn nice. I'd look for deep discounting at online retailers if you're interested (its how I picked up the Superman volume).

Speaking of, same holds for almost any DC Direct product. Shop the heck around. I own, for example, the Bottle City of Kandor, which I would never have picked up if I couldn't get it for almost half off.

But I also missed the price point on the Batman statue. That's nuts.

I liked the throw-back feel to Gaiman's Batman. We don't get enough of Bats's roots in modern comics. The villain mobiles and all that? Anyway, while it didn't knock me out, it was a decent issue.

I also felt like the Batman Confidential issue from last week read like an 80's era Bat story, and that's a good thing.

Can't comment too much of the state of JLA. But... yeah, I could be far, far more excited about this title.

I think, also, that I'll be picking up the Final Crisis Aftermath stuff in trades, if I pick it up at all.

As per CHUD... in a way its too bad he had to go ad hominem in his arguments. I think there was, otherwise, a kernel of an idea in there.

-- Posted by: Ryan at February 18, 2009 12:32 PM