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The DC Trinity Revisited

The idea of replacing members of DC's trinity sparked a ton of interest, and I thought I would give an update that reflected a lot of the reader feedback. One of the best ideas was that DC should not necessarily narrow things down to three individuals, but allow for an expanded roster of representational figures. While that runs the risk of melding it right back into a version of the Justice League title, if they operated it under an iconic motif, you might have a really cool series come out of it, perhaps slightly reminiscent of Alex Ross's recent Justice series.

The most popular submission for membership was Booster Gold. Not bad for a guy who started out as a capitalistic opportunist, huh? If you wanted to vary the categorizations along the lines of science, magic, and time, you could definitely find a place for him. Even a street-based/cosmic/time&space combination could give you something like Batman, Captain Comet, and Booster to reflect the planetary/galaxy/extra-dimensional components of DC's universe. Making Booster such a central figure might create a paradox with his current direction, billed as the greatest super-hero that nobody else can know about, but if you want to talk about representing the foundations of DC, what better example can you have than someone who spends every waking moment protecting the very fabric of the foundation itself with his time-travel feats?

The runner-up was Zatanna, which is actually my preferred choice if you want to look for one of the stronger choices for another female character. Power Girl might work for actual power in the strength department, but I think that's too close to Superman's role. Zatanna is fairly unique, with a lot of potential to do more than her traditional role. She has been used a lot more frequently from Identity Crisis on, but more often than not in guest-starring or "sidekick" roles. Her spot in Reign in Hell didn't give her enough screen time in my opinion, so it will be interesting to see if the attempt at giving Power Girl her own series will open any doors for Zatanna.

Could we see a JSA Trinity mini-series? Jay Garrick, Alan Scott and Ted Grant have a strong role as the sage advisors of the team, only recently stepping aside from the leadership function to give field command to Power Girl. With Wildcat filling a Batman-like role, you've got a ready-made Golden Age Trinity with Flash, Green Lantern, and Wildcat. Further permutations can be explored with the other teams, such as the Titans and the Teen Titans, or the Legion of Super-Heroes (easy to envision, as Geoff Johns has commented in an interview that Lightning Lad, Saturn Girl, and Cosmic Boy are almost like future versions of the trinity). Of course, you could always do what my comic store owner suggests and recruit Bat-Mite, Mr. Mxyzpltk, and Beppo the super-monkey…

One commenter got as far as my early comments on the questioning of whether Wonder Woman (say that three times fast) actually deserves a spot on the pedestal before he quit reading, remarking that I'm not a "well known journalist," but it's too bad, because he thinks Wonder Woman is a really good character who just needs better writing. I say it's too bad, because the main point I was trying to bring out was the fact that wherever I go, discussions of the trinity always start with talk about her place, but my conclusion was that all three could be equally "expendable" or interchangeable, depending on what you wanted to do with the concept. I also trumpeted the recent gains her character has made, all aimed at exactly his point: I think Wonder Woman has a lot going for her, she just needs a little extra push from DC, and maybe the criticism of her role is not fully warranted. I'm not sure if the person wants me to be Peter David or George Will before he/she will give me the time of day, but I can't do anything about that, so oh well. I'm new enough to this that I'm not familiar with too many celebrity bloggers (plus, regular journalists tend to get their facts wrong in this industry anyway). Luckily, a lot of you are willing to read the full story without requiring me to be a celebrity, for which I am very grateful. So thanks!

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