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Tpull's Weekly DC Comics Review – Part 1

The Flash: Rebirth 2

by Geoff Johns and Ethan Van Sciver

The gorillas in Gorilla City seem to know what’s going on with Flash, but are they actually causing any of it? The mystery continues as Savitar’s servant assaults Barry and Wally, and she loses her life in the process. Van Sciver is probably having more fun than most people do on the Flash, with his little renovations for each character and their individualized speed trail effects.

Johns weaves the story in and out of Barry’s past, giving us glimpses of his original meeting with Iris, the case of his mother’s murder, and the beginnings of his career as the Flash. Are these merely glimpses into his character, or will something in his roots relate to the current predicament? And what’s going on with the Black Flash concept? Johns utilizes the depth of super-powered characters in the DC universe to bring in a ton of heroic people in the supporting cast, but it’s not a guest-star plug to boost sales. It all flows very organically from the story.

Get this now, unless you’re of the type that just cannot stand a little mystery. We’ve got a few more issues to go for this mystery to unfold.

Superman: World of New Krypton 3

by James Robinson, Greg Rucka, and Pete Woods

Chalk up some more brownie points for the writing crew. Rather than complain about how powerful Superman is, and how hard it is to craft stories around it, they have dropped him into an environment where he has equal opponents, and he can’t simply punch his way out of the situation. It’s nice to watch Supes use his brains and skill as a negotiator to defuse the tension between the guilds.

The writers also make good use of space to showcase all of the characters each issue, so Allura and Supergirl are still making their presence known, and Zod is being treated much better than in the past. Rather than give us a villain who cannot control his emotions, we have instead a calculating Zod, secure in his current authority and with his won agenda, but not willing to lose his composure if everything doesn’t automatically go his way. However, with the combination of art and story, you can tell that Zod is a little unhappy that Kal is being so successful with every thing he does.

Did I say Superman was surrounded by equals? He takes Gor’s measure and then takes him out. It’s weird, because I was just thinking about the idea of Superman using his super-strength in combination with martial arts prowess the other day, and how it’s not shown that much these days. They picked a good time to remind us that he’s more than a glorified boxer. Get ready for more confrontation next issue, as Green Lantern and company enter the picture.

Trinity 49

by Kurt Busiek, Mark Bagley, Fabian Nicieza, Mike Norton and John Stanisci

Shane Davis gives us a great cover with Batman that makes me wish he was penciling a regular Batman title! The good guys almost seem to have everything wrapped up, but Morgaine is one of those “rule in hell rather than serve in heaven” sort of people, so she throws a wrench into the works. This issue goes by fast, as often happens, but part of it is because they show each of the multiple interests, and it’s a lot of cast to juggle for an issue that has a reduced number of pages available for its “main feature.”

Bagley must be having a ton of fun, as he gets to draw Krona ripping into the entire planet with his bare hands. The backup story shows us the failure of the rest of the heroes to combat the effects of Krona’s actions. Have we gotten Tomorrow Woman back only to lose her again? And can you believe that all this time has passed, and the big three still aren’t their ”real” selves yet? I think we desreve another year-long series after this that actually gives us our favorite characters in their regular forms!

Warlord 2

by Mike Grell and Joe Prado

The creative team is great for this title: the art, the inking, the coloring and the letters all work very nicely together. Mike Grell walks us through the main events of the original Warlord series, and he does it in a fairly concise manner, but it kind of removes any temptation to go back and read the original series for yourself. A lot of the issue is eaten up by a recap of all that has gone before with the Warlord and Skartaris, as the small band manages to rescue Machiste from the bad guys.

The action should pick up a little more with the next issue, and with Mike Grell doing beautiful covers, it would be great if they could squeeze in some backup stories or something to let him give us some more in the way of art, too. That’s right, I’m a greedy bastard. This is holding my interest still, and I find I don’t mind another adventure tale, even though I also read Conan every month.

Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.