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And the Winner is... Nobody!

Way back at the very beginning of May, we announced an open slot when one of our regular beloved contributors, Ryan Steans had to move on to other projects. The original plan was to announce a winner on June 1, but I am told there were no submissions. At first I figured it didn't make much sense to announce it, because zero interest seems worth zero coverage.

However, I did start thinking about the comic book saturation level as far as news sites and blogs are concerned. You can't swing a resurrected super-hero around the net without slamming into a dozen fan sites. One of the best things about comic fans is that they can be very passionate about what they love. Some of the best examples of this are the comic fanzines started when all people had to work with was the US Postal Service. It was probably inevitable that as soon as people learned how the internet worked, we had fan sites springing up all over the place.

Fast-forward to today, and the companies themselves are trying to catch up. We now have websites for every comic publisher, comic magazine, and official news coverage. Everyone has flooded the social network sites. The writers and artists are out there mingling with everyone, and even the colorists are selling some of their work on Ebay. The Wikipedia entries are updated every day, and if a new comic came out this month, you can bet there was a competition to see who could update the wiki entry first. At some level, I find that sad, because it can mean that some people have entirely too much time on their hands. But overall, I find this to mean that the internet has been embraced by every party in Comicland, from the big producers to the small independents, to the fans.

With the open nature of the net I�m not sure if a saturation point can be reached. The field is open to anyone at any moment to start a column, and the tools make it easier than ever before to host a site and start publishing. Profitability can be trickier, as the newspaper industry has been learning to its chagrin. But there are choices to be made. It is humanly impossible to go to every comic book site and read every new item or thought for the day. It is not desirable either, because there would be a ton of duplication for breaking news and other popular topics. So you have to pick and choose. One of these days, I�m going to start exploring more and find some of the hidden jewels, consisting of fans who are putting out some great commentary, but have been buried by the vastness of the net, with no way to better announce their presence to other fans.

Meanwhile, I�ll be here adding my own little views to the beast. If you like what you read, tell a friend.

Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.

the net is totally over saturated with comics opinions and coverage, my own work included. in fact, it's even a bit over saturated with good coverage, which is almost hard to believe.

-- Posted by: Nick Marino at August 10, 2009 3:15 PM

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