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ComicFodder's Guest-starring on Internet Radio!


I'm introducing a new avatar for me, and the story of how I got it actually involves a super-hero game, but that’s a story for another time. But since I'm Tpull, the guy who designed it put a big 'T' up there and had a dog to "pull" it. It fit my whimsical sense of humor, and it stuck, so when you see that avatar, you'll know it's an entry from me. I'll keep the DC and Marvel logos up for the weekly reviews, though.

This post isn't just an excuse to show off a new avatar to you, though. The news for tonight is that yours truly will be showing up for an interview on xradio tomorrow!

From the e-mail blast they sent out: September 26, 2009 between 2:00pm-4:00pm, Pacific Time Zone.

Please email to let us know you’ll be listening and supporting Travis Pullen.

Tune into Call in to be a part of the interview live, 702-685-1569.

So if you're near the internet tomorrow, put up an extra tab and see how much stuff about comics I can vomit out until they cut me off!