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Tpull's Weekly Marvel Comics Review - Part 2

New Mutants 5

by Zeb Wells and Zachary Baldus

The company VC has the lettering job for X-Factor, X-Force AND New Mutants, so they use the exact same colors and fonts for narration text and such. It distracts from the individual feel that we’re supposed to have for art. Perhaps this was done on purpose to give all of these mutant titles the same feel, but whether it was or not, I hate it. The whole point of getting different comics is to enjoy the variety of artistic expression. This digitized corporate feel really stinks.

The artist does his own inking, which means he hardly did any inking at all. I’m not sure if artists think their own original lines are strong enough to stand on their own, but this one definitely is not. The result is a washed-out, sparsely-detailed mess, and the entire aspect is ugly. The color palette choices for the vapidly blank backgrounds is even irritating.

The story isn’t much better. We’re still obsessed with Legion, and Sunspot, after knowing Rogue all this time, has decided to act like a macdaddy with her. The whole issue is a rerun, with Guthrie and Moonstar still fighting each other over the whole Dani-doesn’t-have-powers-anymore thing. Whatever bargain Dani made with Hela, it was a bad one if she couldn’t keep her powers for more than one day.

Zeb Wells desperately tries to create something shocking by letting us know that Karma killed one of the personalities inside Legion’s head, instead of Magick. The entire thing is like Marvel ran out of talent and time and just slapped some dreck together to bide their timing for the Necrosha crossover. Because we haven’t had enough non-stop mutant crossovers for the past ten years.


X-Factor 49

by Peter David and Valentine de Landro

Peter David has some fun wordplay with Guido and the discussion on Rictor’s sexuality. As long as readers don’t get uptight about the ambiguity being taken out of Rictor’s status, it will probably not garner too much attention. The rumors have been around for years, and there won’t be anything like the overkill media attention when DC’s new Batwoman debuted. The dialogue is funny, but the future is falling apart.

Shatterstar and company arrive in time to fight Cortex, holding him off long enough for Doctor Doom (in one of his moments of lucidity) in the future to summon Cortex back. The art is consistent with De Landro, and while he’s not in my top ten, he has been consistent. The bit with Doom at the end was fun, but the overall story is falling flat, and taking a long time to get to any point. As long as Mr. David has been writing comics, you might think the pacing would be better. Pacing seems to be the biggest problem with everything. Once the writer gets enough time to dwell on a character or two, it’s fun to watch, but it always seems to come at the expense of the pacing of the rest of everything else.

X-Force 19

by Craig Kyle, Christopher Yost, Mike Choi, and Sonia Oback

Agent Morales refuses the efforts at drafting by another evil organization, and this entire bloody affair seems to be escaping the notice of Norman Osborn. This title as been so disconnected from the rest of the Marvel universe, it’s disgusting. Even the crossovers that attempted to tie things in have fallen flat. Morales rescue X-23, who still cannot get a good code name to save her life, and the story falls apart worse than her severed arm.

See, the Facility wants her genetic material, but X-23 can’t let them have it, so she walks off with her severed arm in tow… leaking blood all over the place, leaving bloody footprints in the residue.

Let me repeat that: X-23 does NOT want to leave any genetic material for them to use to copy her. So she leaves ALL OF HER BLOOD ON THE FLOOR!!!!!~!~!~!
(You think tildes can add to the exclamatory effect? ‘Cause I’m running out of ways to express my disgust…)

The nonsense continues, with Domino actually pulling a gun on one of the Cuckoos, even though they aren’t referenced properly. Wolfsbane is brought in at random, because remember that Domino just pulled a gun on a telepath in an order to find X-23. “I found Wolfsbane.” Gee, the one mutant that everyone has forgotten about for months without a second thought? What masterful storytelling! She gets a splash page and one more page, and that’s it.

Morales and X-23 find themselves locked in a place where they conveniently find dozens of vials that are the way the Facility gives the “kill” order to X-23. Because, y’know, I just leave that (censored) lying around on a bench, right next to Dr. Connor’s Lizard serum, that’s what I would do with it.

With that lovely round-robin of mutant titles, what say we scrap all three lines and burn it to the ground. I think I’ve had more than my fill of bad stories involving the letter X this week. Anyone have a good reason to disagree?

Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.