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Marvel Comics Review Spotlight: Inhumans

This year I am starting something new. I will continue to review the vast majority of Marvel and DC comics every week, but I want to single out a series every now and then to highlight some good work. This will allow me to spend a little more time analyzing the story and art, and I hope to showcase some of my more favorite titles that I feel are not selling as well as they could be. If nothing else, these will make for great recommendations for you, or as a gift to a friend when the trade comes out! The first one in this series is one of Marvel’s cosmic mini-series. Don’t be afraid to let me if you like this new addition to the Comic Fodder blog.

Realm of Kings: Inhumans 3

by Dan Abnett, Andy Lanning, and Wellington Alves

Gorgon gets a chance to fight, proving himself to be even more of a popular figure with the Kree populace. Maximus is so deviously, arrogantly brilliant, he actually tells his family members what was done to orchestrate their current threat, and neither Karnak nor Medusa catch on that he was the one who set everything up. This means she also manipulated a physical confrontation to allow Gorgon to increase his popular standing, hoping to create a rift between support for Medusa, and the warrior race’s desire for a stronger role model as a leader. Longtime readers should have spotted the clues early on in the series, but DnA have written well enough that new readers could have picked up on the hints, which were subtle enough, but still there for the observant person to pick out.

Crystal is investigating the uprising of the Alpha Primitives (another type of event previously used by Maximus), and during the course of events, she starts flirting with Ronan. In one sense, this was a given, because Crystal has always been adventurous, but it’s fun to see Ronan given more dimensions, and the romantic in me is delighted to see an arranged marriage start to blossom into true love. Although it doesn’t give me any ideas to bring that tradition back to Earth…

Triton finds a mechanical “echo” of black Bolt’s battle with Vulcan, providing a nice dramatic suspense moment that dashes your hopes in a few pages. The mourning disappointment and sense of loss is really conveyed well, where lesser writers would have used that as a cliffhanger ending, and kept you waiting for an entire month. It’s much more effective to see them discover the truth in short order, and makes for a better stand-alone read, at that. Crystal manages to uncover that Maximus is behind all of their current troubles, proving yet again that he is a scorpion who must always follow this same destructive path, and hammering home how naively hopeful the royal family was to think that he had changed.

Rather than drown in evil manic, the art and writing help to convey what the fans already knew: it was just a matter of time until this happened. Maximus delivers a casual “oopsie” at his efforts being uncovered, making you laugh as you release your tension, realizing that this leopard has revealed his spots …again.

Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.

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