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Honeymoon’s Over, Back to Work!

Thanks to Ryan for his kind words and for the excellent columns while I was away!

Freshly returned from my week-long honeymoon, and I find one of my wife’s friends included a comic book in his gift to us: Fly Man #31, from 1965. It has the Shield on the cover, so I showed the new DC series of the Shield to my new wife. I’m figuring that should close out the comic-relevant stuff that happened related to my recent wedding experience. In the meantime, DC and Marvel have been hard at work while I was away!

The last couple of weeks have given us a host of new series. When I got my stack of DC comics, I had trouble figuring out which one to read first. The Flash reboot is relatively new, and Birds of Prey is starting up again. They also kicked off the Titans: Villains for Hire, and the Return of Bruce Wayne, all under the umbrella of Brightest Day. (How you can showcase a bunch of villains and throw the ‘Brightest Day’ across the banner is beyond me, but there you have it.)

But wait, there’s more! As they say in all TV commercials worth watching. Paul Levitz returns to the writer’s chair for the Legion of Super-Heroes! How’s that for something special? Finally, the DC Universe Legacies started, showcasing heroes from the golden age. No mere coincidence that they timed that series to coincide with their Brightest Day launch. Only time will tell if they succeed in making the current age of comics as golden as the old one, but you have to admit, they are very active, and trying hard to give us fresh, interesting stories.

Marvel is not sitting on their hands, either. Almost every new title is involved with their ‘Heroic Age’ meta-story. Last week it was the Prince of Power mini-series. This week, we get a one-shot special, Enter The Heroic Age, the first issue of the Age of Heroes mini-series, PLUS a re-launch of Atlas AND the Avengers. Soon we will see the other launches of Secret Avengers, the New Avengers, and Avengers Academy.

Some fans will grumble about lame stunts and the ridiculous need to start everything over at number one, and some comic store owners will grumble about having to figure out all over again how to organize the titles in their stores, but this change feels different. The editors are taking the themes seriously and trying hard to create a coherent foundation for each shared universe. Their hope is to allow the gifted creative teams to work within that framework, while still giving them enough line to serve up some great stories. The renumbering actually makes sense for almost every title at both companies. Everyone wants a fresh start, and as a fan, I find myself in perfect agreement.

So let’s forget about all the nitpicks of continuity, and let’s take a break from another useless threat to quit collecting if they give us another #1 issue of the same series. I’m looking at the month of May as kicking off a Comic Book New Year, and the possibility of a fresh start for a new age, where art is awesome (like Joe Kubert inking Andy Kubert’s pages in Legacies), where everything old is new again (Levitz back with the Legion!), and the meta-themes are optional this time, not all a part of one big ‘event’ that tries to force you to buy every issue associated with it. Although since I’m an addict, I’ll probably buy as much as I can afford. (Shh! Don’t tell the wife!)

Tpull is Travis Pullen. He started reading comics at 5 years old, and he can't seem to stop.