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Koldo Serra Not Out of "The Backwoods" Yet

Fearfodder's not the only camp looking forward to Koldo Serra's "The Backwoods," starring none other than Gary Oldman. Twitch has just interviewed Serra, and expectations continue to run high. Serra calls himself a child of the '80s, though he aligns himself more with the films of the '70s. Some titles he brings up as particularly influential are "The Shining," "Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia," "The Elephant Man," and "Freaks." Of course it will surprise no one who has been following news of "The Backwoods" that he also cites "Deliverance" as a favorite.

Serra's love of older films, however, is not the only reason "Backwoods" is set in '70s Spain. He also wanted to avoid the annoyance of dealing with cell phones and other technological gadgets that often hinder the storylines of suspense and horror films. Though I think audiences are at a point where we're pretty accepting of any lame excuse for a cell phone not to work, just so the story can move forward, there's probably some good sense in his reasoning.

The stars are lined up. Anticipation is running high. Let's get this puppy exhibited! Serra hopes to have "Backwoods" ready for screens by March 2006. A wide release of the film is, of course, in the hands of the film gods.--Pete Mesling

Posted by Pete on December 9, 2005 9:01 AM
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