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Looking Forward to "Desperation"

Even though I was disappointed with the disintegration of the storyline in Stephen King's novel "Desperation," I find myself looking forward to the Mick Garris-helmed miniseries based on that tome. Knowing that Hellboy himself, Ron Perlman, will be playing the disturbed lawman Collie Entragian (who undergoes his own brand of disintegration in the book) certainly doesn't hurt. He's an inspired choice for the part. And if anyone can pull the best out of an ailing King novel, it's likely to be Garris.

Another point in the adaptation's favor comes from the fine folks at Fangoria. According to their latest update on the miniseries, the opening sequence is quite long and impressive, which they know from a partial screening that took place at last year's East Coast Weekend of Horrors. It's good to hear that it sounds the right chord in the initial part of the story. The first section of the book is intense, so the miniseries definitely needs to cash in on that. From there forward, let's hope King has cooked up some clever ways to drain the bloat of later sections, for the screenplay is his own. The photos Fangoria has up are promising.

Also cause for a sunny outlook is the IMDB's cast list, which includes Tom Skerritt, Steven Weber, Matt Frewer and Charles Durning. "Desperation" will air May 18 on ABC.--Pete Mesling

Posted by Pete on January 11, 2006 8:38 PM
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