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Alfred Hitchcock Biopic Lures Matt Lucas

For most movies, I go in with a C grade in mind and let the film convince me one way or the other. With movies by my favorite directors or writers (or occasionally actors), I start with an A grade in mind, so they have no where to go but down. Biopics start out with a failing grade and almost never move me to change my mind. I hate 'em, as a rule. "Ray" was good, and Geoffrey Rush was eerily persuasive as Peter Sellers in the otherwise hopelessly tedious "The Life and Death of Peter Sellers." But for the most part, biopics are just sanctimonious documentary wannabes.

So what gets me into the theater to watch a biopic? A strong attachment to the subject, plain and simple. And those are the dollars the makers of these things are counting on, by the way. You make a movie about Elvis Presley, and people are going to pay money to see it. But how can any self-respecting appreciator of horror, suspense and intrigue not be a little curious about the in-the-works film about the life and career of Alfred Hitchcock? Yup, the Guardian reports that Matt "Little Britain" Lucas will be playing the Master of Suspense in an apparently untitled project. As an unidentified source points out, the physical similarities between Lucas and Hitchcock are remarkable. But that of course still leaves one important question mark: will he be able to pull off the voice?--Pete Mesling

Posted by Pete on February 2, 2006 11:35 PM
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