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Darkness Falls upon "Friday the 13th"

I hate to run a story into the ground, but the whole "Friday the 13th" remake saga has got me at the end of my rope. How could it get any worse than recent announcements that the much-hyped Jason picture slated for release later this year is going to be a remake instead of a sequel? Well, I'll tell you how. ESplatter could report that none other than "Darkness Falls" director Jonathan Liebesman has been hired to helm the new "Friday," which is exactly what they've gone and done.

Maybe I'm asking for too much. It's "Friday the 13th" we're talking about here, after all, not "The Hour of the Wolf." But maybe that makes it especially important that the right people get attached to this project. A remake of the original Vorhees film doesn't have to be high art, but it would be nice if we could keep it from becoming ... well, another "Darkness Falls."--Pete Mesling

Posted by Pete on February 22, 2006 10:35 PM
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I totally agree. God help us. When will the unnecessary remakes stop!?!?! Do we need to call Susan Powter? Seriously. I think we're in a quality vs. box-office gross quandry here. Most recently, the wretched "When A Stranger Calls" cost only $15 million to produce. It's opening weekend it made more than $20 million. Now - at three weeks - it's over $40 mil. Guh. It's just wrong. Such things only lead to more Uwe Boll movies. (shudder)

-- Posted by: shannon at February 23, 2006 8:41 PM

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