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"The Omen": Classic Shmassic

Let me just come right out and say it. There's no way in hell the "Omen" remake is going to be worth a damn. I've believed that since news of the project first came my way, and I wasn't swayed by reports that Mia Farrow and David Thewlis had signed on, even though Thewlis is one of the best and most under-utilized actors in the biz. Joe Nazzaro's piece in Fangoria #253 about John Moore's remake does nothing to change my mind, either. It's just a rotten idea from start to finish.

But even aside from the insanity of trying to remake one of the three or four most foundational modern horror films, I just don't get the feeling from Nazzaro's "Monster Invasion" column that there's any real energy behind this movie. For one thing, the clock is ticking, since Fox, the studio behind it, is firmly committed to the June 6, 2006, release date for purposes of sheer camp. Reading between the lines of some of Moore's comments, it seems that he's less than thrilled to be on such a strict post-production schedule. His overall assessment of the film as it currently stands? "I'm feeling pretty good, and the reaction is starting to be where I want it." Doesn't exactly have me gnawing at my fingernails in anticipation of its release.

Oh, and by the way, Moore does clear up the confusion over the title of his remake. According to him, it has never been titled "Omen 666." The 666 will be incorporated into the art for the poster and so forth, but it is not actually part of the title.--Pete Mesling

Posted by Pete on April 5, 2006 10:34 PM
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