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"Trilogy of Terror" Returns to DVD

The Zuni fetish doll that refuses to crawl from beneath the bed of American pop consciousness is back. Well, he will be, at any rate, come Aug. 29. That's the date retailers are giving for the latest DVD release of Dan Curtis's classic '70s Karen Black vehicle, "Trilogy of Terror."

Fangoria #256 sports an ad for the release of the film that mentions the special features we can drool over until the day of its release. Karen Black and William F. Nolan, who adapted two of Richard Matheson's stories for the film, provide commentary. There is also a featurette with Matheson, who adapted his own story for the finale, and one with Black.

This new (and long overdue) special edition of "Trilogy" is also favorably reviewed elsewhere in the same issue of Fango, receiving a respectable three stars. Looks like Dark Sky Films may have done justice to the much-loved anthology film.--Pete Mesling

Posted by Pete on August 14, 2006 9:54 AM
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Is it me or does the Anchor Bay DVD look ALOT better.I have both and the Dark Sky Version seems washed out and noisy.A shame that Dark Sky did not speak(maybe he was too ill)to Dan Curtis before he passed away as the Karen Black interviews were done either in 2004 or 2005,I forgot what date Karen Mentioned.Dan passed away in 2006 after the Black and Writer William F.Nolan interviews.It also is odd that Dark Sky made the Zuni a GREEN color on the Box.He looks like an X-Files Alien.What is up with that?I love the Movie,always have.I saw it originally as a kid,and it really freaked me out after going to bed(or trying to go to bed after I saw it,lol).Miss Black is great in all 3 stories,not just the Zuni one,and this little gem still is creepy 30 years later.I love the movie so much I own a few Zuni Dolls from Trilogy Of Terror Part Two,which used the sole remaining Original Zuni Dan Curtis kept after the filming of the original Trilogy.Eric Allard and his team did a great job of the Zuni in Part two.I offered to let Dark Sky show these two Zuni's,one animatronic and one a cable puppet and they emailed me almost a year before the DVD was completed saying they would love to feature them on the DVD.I then emailed them a few times to work out a filming date(I asked for no money,I just thought people should and would love to see them),and they never bothered to follow up.Strange.Showing the operation of these two Zuni's and having Miss Black and Mr.Nolan see them would sure have brought back even more memories for them and the fans of the movie.Oh well.The movie still is one of the best for the time and genre.Buy it!

-- Posted by: MovieLover at January 23, 2007 1:57 AM

Oh I forgot to mention.The Anchor Bay version has a 4 page booklet with an interview with Miss Black.Why didn't Dark Sky include a booklet as well?Maybe include Zuni pictures,how things were done,more of a behind the scenes thing,etc.What about Dan Curtis's career?He deserved more of a mention in this new release.Don't get me wrong it is an ok DVD,but could have been alot better.The resources are out there.

-- Posted by: MovieLover at January 23, 2007 2:07 AM

Thanks for all the additional info! I'll never understand why they don't do these things properly the first time around (because I know it couldn't possibly have anything to do with making an extra buck).

-- Posted by: Pete at January 23, 2007 7:00 PM

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