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"Fido" Fetches New Fans in Boston

FidoThis weekend I indulged in a slew of wonderfully non-mainstream films hosted by the Independent Film Festival of Boston. In its fifth year, the IFFB offers a wide range of documentary, shorts and feature films to the general public. Naturally, the film I was most anxious to see was the long-awaited "Fido," by director Andrew Currie and starring Carrie-Anne Moss.

I've been waiting to see this film since January 2006 when I first blogged about it. You can see a trailer for it here.

"Fido" is a unique zombie tale set in the 1950s. Space dust has fallen over the earth (a la "Night of the Comet"), causing the dead to rise. After a long war, humans are victorious over the zombie mobs and, thanks to conglomco "Zomcon," have tamed zombies with a convenient collar that makes them "useful" members of society (aka servants). In the small utopiaville of Willard, little Timmy Robinson is the only kid on his block without a zombie... until now. To keep up appearances, his mom purchases a zombie that Timmy quickly names Fido (played by comedian Billy Connolly). All is well until Fido's collar goes on the fritz and he starts eating the neighbors. After that, much hilarity (read: flesh eating) ensues.

While it's not the most riveting horror film (or zombie film) that I've ever seen, it is certainly interesting. At a minimum, with its pop 50s colors and stylings, it is the most beautiful zombie film to date. The costumes and sets are tasty, indulgent eye candy, only occasionally splattered with blood and brain matter.

Moss is enchanting as Timmy's mom (Mrs. Robinson) and pseudo paramour of Fido. She literally hypnotizes and enchants everyone (everyone with eyes, anyway) in each of her bold colored period dresses. While the "alive yet-not-living" message associated with some of the other major characters is a bit heavy-handed, the script moves along quickly and returns the audience to the satisfying business of witnessing the evolution of zombie Fido and the allure of Mrs. Robinson.

Though I'm not sure the film lived up to my bloated expectations, I was very entertained. I'm more than happy to add this film to the zombie library collection in my brain. I think you will be too. Extra bonus: If you're looking for a zombie film you can take your semi-squimish sweetie to, this may be the film for you. It opens to "wider" release in June. -- Shannon Nolley

Posted by Shannon on May 1, 2007 9:59 PM
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