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"Suspiria" Remake Sees New Light

According to Variety, the new Italian production company First Sun has acquired the rights to remake Dario Argento's classic 1977 horror film "Suspiria."

First Sun founder, director Luca Guadagnino, said, "'Suspiria' has a unique style that we want to reinvent for today's generation. We intend to create a concept that will encompass cinema, videogames, fashion and music and that revives the original for those who did not experience it. The Gothic resurgence is very strong around the world at the moment ... and we feel that a new version of 'Suspiria' will fit very well."

Celebrating its 30th anniversary this year, "Suspiria" was the first film in a trilogy Argento refers to as "The Three Mothers" about three ancient, evil witches whose great power allows them to manipulate world events and wreak merciless havoc. Argento's next film, "Inferno" (1980), was the second in the trilogy. Argento's third installment, "The Third Mother," is currently in post-production and set for release sometime this year.

Two years ago wheels began to turn on a different remake. At the time, writer Steven Katz ("Shadow of the Vampire") drafted a screenplay, but apparently had trouble making sense of the original script. According to Bloody-Disgusting, Katz said "the biggest challenge in writing the script was finding a reason for the witches to be using a dance academy for their evil-doings."

If you are at all familiar with Argento's work, you know that most of his films don't generally make logical sense. They usually focus more on style, imagery and interpretation. That's the fun.

When the first remake was announced, fans were against it. I suspect they will be against this one as well.

Guadagnino said that First Sun is set to develop films with an "international scope, inspired by the golden age of Italian filmmaking." While that does provide some hope that the film won't be your standard tragic American remake, I doubt any remake/reimagining/retelling/reworking/retooling/etc. could achieve the same lingering, eerie dread that Argento did with the original. -- Shannon N.

Posted by Shannon on May 17, 2007 8:40 PM
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-- Posted by: Anonymous at June 7, 2009 6:12 PM

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